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PICNIC DRINKS: The Cocktails and Spirits to Pair with A Grill

Monday 15th Jun 2020 |

The ‘Funky Hippy’ Type


PICNIC DRINKS – The rich, herbaceous highball has a tropical base thanks to a combination of pineapple shrub and malted passionfruit which blends seamlessly with the elevated citrus of Porter’s Gin and a herbal note of patchouli. Ideal for the laid-back companion.

Pair it with; Veggie Sausages & Skewers 

RRP £4 per unit, £34 for 12 | Available from here | | Instagram: @portersgin 

The ‘Alternative’ Type


PICNIC DRINKS – From cool guys at Copenhagen distillery, Empirical, these two different expressions of the canned cocktails are; CAN 01: Whole milk oolong tea, toasted birch and green gooseberry thing and CAN 02; A fun cherry, black currant bus, young pine cone and walnut wood taste sensation and is perfect that likes more than the usual tinnies from the supermarket. For the companion that likes to be a little different.

Pair It With; Maple-Glazed Chicken & Corn On The Cob

RRP – Pair for £11 | Available to purchase at Rita’s Dining in South London here as well as via the Empirical Spirits webshop. |

The ‘Body Is Your Temple’ Type


PICNIC DRINKS – Created from 18 different plants, Everleaf is bright, botanical and full of bittersweet complexity designed to be mixed with soda water or tonic to create a refreshingly quintessential summertime spritz. Perfect for the friend that doesn’t like to drink much or at all.

Pair it with; Grilled Watermelon Salad & Hummus

RRP – £18 | Available to purchase here  |



30ml Everleaf, 90ml Light Soda

Serve over lots of ice and garnish with an orange slice 

The ‘Jet Setter’ Type


PICNIC DRINKS – The idea for VITA vodka was born on a boat on the coast of the Mediterranean and perfected in the outskirts of Barcelona. Specifically designed to be enjoyed with still or sparkling water. This premium Mediterranean vodka is distilled on the outskirts of Barcelona and made using ingredients sourced from the coast of the Mediterranean giving it zesty vibrant tasting notes reminiscent of beach holidays and kicking your feet in a pool. This is for the pal who’s a seasoned traveller. 

Pair it with; Grilled Halloumi & Mint Lamb Chop

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