Tuesday 02nd Mar 2021 |

Interiors Stylist and Entrepreneur Kel Harmer of Oh So Kel, the source of Inspiration for Beautiful Living, shares joyful chic pastel Easter table ideas which also features vases, dried blooms and tray from her own joyful chic decor collection  

Described as the ‘queen of accessible style’, Kel also shares DIYs for both adults and children, including quirky treat ideas.

Easter Table Ideas – DIY BACKDROP

Pastel feathers fixed with washi tape creates a simple yet truly stunning backdrop which can be applied to mirrors, kitchen cupboards and walls.

Alternatively, DIY floral hula hoops or paper plate wreaths are perfect for the kids to create.

Easter Table Ideas – CENTREPIECE

A collection of vases and everlasting blooms on geometric pastel mats along the table creates an abundant display of pastel perfection which is so on trend right now.

(VASES: line vases in gold or black iron £14.99. Unbreakable pastel vases from £12.95. DRIED & EVERLASTING BLOOMS from £8.95)

Alternatively, a faux grass or floral wallpaper runner with spray painted plastic bunnies or egg-filled vases work just as well for appealing to the kids.

Easter Table Ideas – PLACE SETTINGS

Napkins wrapped around decorative eggs fixed with ribbon make the perfect bunnies! 

Paper plate treat holders are a cute idea for the kids, or DIY glass cloche filled with little nests work well. 

Easter Table Ideas – CUTE TREATS

Rosemary added to the ends of croissants make the most adorable carrot croissants.

Chocolate bunny drinks cups are always going to be a winner! Simply cut off the ears and add a straw! 

Easter Table Ideas -

An alternative to chocolate nests is candy floss topped with mini eggs. They look super cute in paper cases but also on the top of glasses and they look beautiful served on the Emmie Large Tray for an extra pop of colour.

Easter Table Ideas -

The products are handmade using ‘Jesmonite’ and sealed with beeswax coating. They can be wiped clean or washed with warm soapy water and are safe for food like fruit to touch them but not certified as food safe so no liquids or wet foods to be stored on them.) 


Kel sells them as kits for ease but you can totally put them together yourself by finding a small goblet and turning it upside down; they’re a great DIY activity to do as a family, beautiful gifts and pretty on the table too.

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