Perfect Stays; Top tips for a self-catered staycation

Sunday 30th May 2021 |

With the Governments’ ‘traffic light system’ set to disrupt overseas holidays, it’s no surprise to see staycations have seen a 300 percent increase in bookings as holidaymakers are swapping the luxuries of all-inclusive for a private pad a little closer to home.

There are always those things we miss when we’re managing our own holiday though, aren’t there? Something unaccounted for, an essential left behind. This time however, self-catered rental provider Perfect Stays is on your side, imparting their expertise on the hacks to a seamless self-catered stay.

Perfect Stays – Read the booking details

Although they contain the not-so-fun rules and regulations, manuals often have advice on the house and location that can be essential to a comfortable and relaxing stay.

We all know shower controls can be confusing and operating other people’s televisions is often an enigma. Your manual will likely contain all the things you need to know to avoid the frustration of working it out on your own a little too late into the trip. High quality providers will also provide great local information and recommendations so they’re always well worth a read before you arrive so you don’t miss any gems.

Perfect Stays – Plan your arrival meals

Long journeys anywhere unfamiliar are bound to run up a little stress. Usually after a long drive, all we want to do is sit down with some food and relax, which can be hard when the destination is completely unknown.

Prior to leaving, research local takeaway services or prepare some food for your arrival beforehand. This will save any arguments or stress and start your stay off on the right foot. Alternatively, private chefs are becoming all the more popular in luxury self-catering, so consider having a meal prepared and ready for your arrival.

Perfect Stays – Preparation is key

Before you leave, familiarise yourself with the nearby supermarkets or local shops that can top up provisions when the inevitable happens.

Often with self-contained stays, they’re situated in the country or near a beach, so for these remote areas knowing where you can find supplies prior to arrival is all the more important.

Perfect Stays – Avoid any spills

If you break or spill something, try not to punish yourself too much but let the local property contact know ASAP as cleaning with the wrong products or with water if it’s dry clean only, could make the problem worse or irreversible. If you know you’re clumsy or have young children with you, making provisions to avoid these accidents can never be a bad idea.

Well-equipped homes will often offer plastic glasses but consider taking some of your own just in case you’re feeling particularly clumsy. Avoid coloured drinks, like the dreaded red wine spill, in carpeted or light-coloured areas. Eat at the table too – laps and sofas can often tempt fate.

Finding this balance is key – don’t police yourself, but if you’re accident-prone try and prevent them where possible.

Perfect Stays – Whatever the weather

If you’re changing up your usual holiday abroad for a local stay, remember to adjust your packing to match the place.

Woman feet in warm socks on car dashboard. Drinking take away coffee on road. Fall trip. Rain drops on windshield. Freedom travel concept. Autumn weekend.

Although we often get beautiful sunshine in our summer months, we don’t always have the same guarantee as some hotter countries, so pack some extra layers just in case.

Keep checking the weather in the lead up to your trip and have enough backups in case the weather takes a turn – zoos, indoor trampoline parks and local museums are great for occupying your little ones.

Mother nature is unpredictable at the best of the times, so try and pre-empt any surprises before they happen.

Perfect Stays – Take advantage of additional services

To maximise that relaxing holiday feeling, why not splash out on some luxury while you’re away.

Many self-catered locations will recommend concierge services or additional features that can be purchased – whether that be a mobile masseuse, at-home cookery classes or luxury hot tub hire.

Embrace the opportunities around you as much as you can. It’s unlikely that you’ll have time for the same splurges when you’re back to reality, so avoid leaving with any regrets!

By Josh Wildeman, Marketing Manager of Perfect Stays