Our top Picks of Spring Scents for 2021

Monday 22nd Feb 2021 |

As the seasons change – so should our scent, according to experts. But really, do we need an excuse to treat ourselves to a fresh smelling Spring scent? 

“There are some very good reasons to wear a different perfume in the warmer, lighter and brighter months,” says Jonny Webber from Perfume Direct

“Spring and summer scents are designed to work in a different way with our bodies. This is why they tend to be fruity, lighter and ‘less volatile’ than winter fragrances, which means they can last longer and aren’t as overwhelming as a perfume more associated with winter. 

“Perfume works with heat. It’s made up of aromatic molecules in a neutral medium. Once on the skin the liquid begins to evaporate and the molecules leave your skin, giving off a smell.

“Perfumers measure the volatility of the molecules to control the nature and evolution of the scent. Different notes in a perfume are combined to hit the air at different times, hence top notes, middle and base notes in perfume descriptions.

“Lighter weight molecules, such as those present in citrus, pepper, herbs and fruity notes come out first, while the least volatile (and generally heavier notes) will linger on skin longer. These tend to be amber, woody and musky notes.  

“In warm weather, perfumes will evaporate quicker on the skin and in the air. So, citrus and crisp green scents are perfect in the heat, as are florals. White flowers in particular – jasmine, tuberose, frangipani – are known to “bloom” in hot weather.

“Perfumes associated with the winter season tend to be heavier and last longer because the body doesn’t sweat as much, so they can be overwhelming if they evaporate too quickly in the warmth of the summer.”

And these are the best fragrances to wear this Spring, according to Jonny Webber from Perfume Direct

Spring Scents for 2021 – Elie Saab Le Parfum EDP Perfume Spray 90ml, £64.99 (RRP £86.00)

Elie Saab Le Parfum is an addictive, feminine floral fragrance reminiscent of the Mediterranean surrounded by vibrant delicious scents from nature. Stunning orange flower duets with jasmine with base notes of addictive patchouli, cedar, rose and honey to make the perfect spring / summer fragrance.

Spring Scents for 2021 – Lancome La Vie Est Belle Intense EDP Perfume Spray 50ml, £74.99 (RRP £80.00)

A deeper version of the original iconic scent, Lancome La Vie Est Belle is housed in a bottle hand tied with a delicate ribbon, making it special and unique. The fruitiness of the original has inspired the use of refreshing orange flower and blackcurrant bud, complimented by an airy freshness in the opening with sparkling pear and punchy pink pepper.

Spring Scents for 2021 – Dior In Joy EDT Perfume Spray 50ml, £62.99 (RRP £74.99)

Dior J’Adore In Joy is the fragrance of love and fun. A surprising and addictive fruity and floral blend with a salty twist. The floral heart of jasmine, neroli, tuberose and ylang-ylang sits on a base of peach, forming a soft yet invigorating combination. 

Spring Scents for 2021 – Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb EDP Spray, £78.99 (RRP £89.99) 

An explosive, sophisticated fragrance with tea, fresh lime and a sweet floral trail of jasmine, rose, freesia and Cattleya orchid on a lingering base of musk and patchouli. The bottle, designed by Fabien Baron, is the shape of a multi-faceted diamond. Perfect for wearing any time, Flowerbomb will ensure you leave a trail of allure wherever you go. 

Spring Scents for 2021 – Paco Rabanne Invictus Intense EDT Aftershave Spray 100ml, £66.99 (RRP £74.50)

An aftershave for a champion – Invictus Intense is stronger and sexier than ever, A true conquering hero with amber and leather tones making it warmer than the original fragrance. Top notes of black pepper and orange blossom give way to laurel and whisky.

Spring Scents for 2021 – Dolce and Gabbana K EDP Aftershave Spray 50ml, £51.99 (RRP £65.00)

Launched in 2020 and taking inspiration from the Mediterranean, this effortlessly joyful fragrance opens with notes of blood orange, zingy Sicilian lemon and tangy juniper berries to instantly refresh and energise. The heart is a unique twist of aromatic notes, smooth fig nectar and clary sage, finishing with a sensual base of patchouli, cedar and vetiver.

Spring Scents for 2021 – Jimmy Choo Urban Hero EDP Aftershave Spray 50ml, £39.99 (RRP £49.00)

Jimmy Choo Urban Hero takes inspiration from the modern, urban environment – the Glass bottle features a metal chrome effect detail, capturing the essence of our cities today. Zingy finger lime is contrasted with notes of black pepper for a fresh yet warm opening, while the base adds a unique element to the fragrance with grey amber and a subtle hint of leather.

Spring Scents for 2021 – Hugo Boss Bottled Intense EDP Aftershave Spray 100ml, £53.99 (RRP £76.00)

Designed for the man of today, Boss Bottled Intense is a woody-spicy fragrance, less sweet than the original with more woods and spices, making it a more luxurious and refined masculine scent.

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