Nori Line; Street Food Worth Getting In Line For

Monday 13th Sep 2021 |

From corn flakes to chocolate chip cookies, some of our favourite foods have been the result of pure serendipity. Now we can add Nori Line to the list.

Currently taking London by storm, this unique new street food was created accidentally by leading restaurateur and chef Victor Ravdive. Two years ago, Victor was looking for a totally new take on canapés for his events company and wondered what would happen if he deep fried a sheet of nori. Moulding the result into a basket shape, he then filled it with seafood.

Such was the reaction that Victor soon realised the commercial possibilities of his invention. Two years later, Nori Line is going from strength to strength with a bustling outlet in Camden Market and franchise opportunities across Europe. Additional London sites are in the pipeline and Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat are all set to deliver this remarkable product across the capital.

Furthermore, the entire Nori Line range is giving private and corporate events organisers across the UK an exciting and innovative new canapé collection to offer their guests.

So, what exactly is Nori Line? The concept is both simple yet multidimensional – a crispy nori shell filled with an amalgamation of innovative and textured ingredients and influences, each with an unforgettable taste combination unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

Priced from £3.90 each, there are currently five equally delectable varieties of Nori Line (with many more in development): Salmon (salmon, avocado, seaweed, nori mayo, masago roe, chives, sesame seeds); Seafood (squid, tiger prawns, baby octopus, crab sticks, masago roe, avocado, seaweed, wasabi-condensed milk-mayo); Beef Tartare (beef tartare, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, truffle mayo, egg yolk cream, truffle caviar); Vegan Hedgehog (aubergines, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, romaine salad, cashew, buckwheat popcorn); Crème de la Crème (crème patisserie, caramel pears, pecan nuts, icing sugar) and Nori Ice Cream (nori crisps, ginger, green tea).

Specials meanwhile include Tuna Special (tuna (created with sustainable tuna sourced directly from the fish market), mango, seaweed, Nori mayo, masago roe, chives, sesame seeds and Nori Bomb (hot crab rolls with cream cheese and mango sauce).

Like all good street food, Nori Line is accessible, adventurous, spontaneous, diverse and brimming with soul. That said, it’s impossible to do it justice in mere words; it’s all about the taste. You’ll simply have to try it for yourself by coming down to Camden Market (Unit 6E, Paddock Alley) any day from 11am to 7pm, or ordering via Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo (all London only).
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