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Nordic Roots skincare; Your skin’s best friend this winter

Green People’s Nordic Roots skincare collection, is a new natural and organic skin care concept which draws on its founder, Charlotte Vøhtz’s Danish upbringing and her Nordic heritage.

Celebrating the wild beauty of this region’s native flora and fauna and the potential for ground-breaking skin care that stems from nature.

Nordic Roots CRANBERRY MICELLAR FOAM – For Active Cleansing  £19.00 (150ml)

Central heating, blustering wind and cold temperatures will leave skin significantly dryer than normal so choose a different cleanser from the one you use in summer. The Nordic Roots Cranberry Micellar Foam blends organic plant extracts with make-up dissolving micelles to effectively cleanse the skin. Working perfect harmony with your skin’s natural pH-balance, it leaves the face refreshingly clean, calm and dewy. 

Nordic Roots HYALURONIC BOOSTER SERUM – For Intensive Hydration £27.00 (28ml)

Delivering instant hydration this renewal serum leaves skin deeply nourished, calm and smooth.

Nordic Roots Hyaluronic Booster Serum blends organic plant extracts to instantly hydrate, plump and renew the skin. Working in perfect harmony with your skin’s natural pH-balance, this silken serum leaves skin deeply nourished, calm and smooth. 

Nordic Roots MARINE FACIAL OIL – For Glowing Skin £28.00 (28ml)

Collagen boosting to support skin structure, this nutritious elixir firms, hydrates and renews.

Nordic Roots Marine Facial Oil blends organic plant extracts to deeply hydrate and soothe the skin. This nutritious elixir is enriched with Atlantic Seaweed to boost collagen production while firming and renewing the skin. 

Nordic Roots APPLE COMPLEX MOISTURISER – For Maximum Moisture £25.00 (50ml)

This soothing moisturiser activates hydration, helping restore, balance and protect the skin barrier.

Nordic Roots Apple Complex Moisturiser blends organic plant extracts to deeply hydrate and soothe the skin. Working in perfect harmony with your skin’s natural PH-balance, this skin-calming cream is enriched with plant-based emollients to restore, protect and balance the skin barrier.


Don’t use a heavy moisturiser at night; it could prevent your skin from ridding itself of waste. If your skin feels tight or dry, use a facial oil based on jojoba and/or rosehip followed by a light serum, or try a night time treat containing natural fruit acids.

 Never share lipgloss or lipstick with a friend – especially if either of you have cold sores

Avoid harsh exfoliators, strong detergents and very hot water

 A soft facial cloth made from ultra-fine micro-fibres is better for the skin than a rough-textured washcloth, which can cause irritation to dry skin

Limit alcohol and caffeine, which have a diuretic effect and can aggravate dry skin

Keep rooms moist, especially in winter by placing bowls of water by the radiators, or use a humidifier

Always apply moisturiser to your face and neck with light, tapping upward motions, whilst the skin is still slightly damp. This helps lock in moisture and stimulates blood circulation.


The Nordic Roots range uses an innovative new sustainable outer packaging solution that is incorporated with 25% grass, offering a clean carton board that is compostable, biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

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