National Picnic Week 2021: An expert’s tips for how to plan a sustainable, eco-friendly picnic

Monday 21st Jun 2021 |

It goes without saying that eliminating single-use plastic is better for the planet, and you can be part of the solution by avoiding it at your next picnic.

Ditch the plastic straws and utensils in favour of more sustainable alternatives. From using beeswax paper instead of cling-film, bamboo cutlery sets instead of plastic, or bringing your own metal straw, the less plastic we can use, the better. 

National Picnic Week 2021 – Avoid disposables

Even better than avoiding plastic, is to avoid single-use picnicware altogether! Discarded straight after eating, those disposable plates, cutlery and napkins that often go hand-in-hand with picnics end up generating unnecessary waste, and can generally be pretty difficult to recycle once they’ve been used. Instead of opting for picnicware that you need to throw away afterwards, why not bring your own? Chances are you’ll have everything needed for your next outdoor meal at home. Swap paper for cloth napkins and try to bring your own cutlery and reusable food containers instead. 

National Picnic Week 2021

National Picnic Week 2021 – Consider where you go and how you travel there

Now you’ve packed your sustainable picnicware, it’s time to think about where you’re travelling. If you’re heading away with extended family and friends, car sharing means you can reduce your carbon footprint – plus it will ease parking problems! Or if you’re not travelling too far, pack your picnic gear into a rucksack or bike basket and work up an appetite by cycling to your destination. 

National Picnic Week 2021 – Dine on delicious surplus food 

Food waste is one of the worst things we can do for our planet and sadly when it comes to picnics, there’s usually a lot of it. Instead of increasing the amount we waste, why not use an app like Too Good To Go to rescue already surplus food from food businesses nearby? With brands like Planet Organic, Greggs, Costa Coffee and Morrisons on board there’s tons of delicious picnic-suitable places to collect from. Plus not only are you saving the planet by stopping this food from going to waste, but it’s also great for keeping costs down – with Too Good To Go you’re guaranteed food worth at least 3 times what you pay. 

National Picnic Week 2021

National Picnic Week 2021 – Leave it how you found it 

Hopefully with these tips any waste from your picnic will be minimal. But if you do find yourself with any rubbish leftover, be sure to take it with you. Or if you find yourself with leftover food, take it home to be repurposed for another meal down the line. By clearing up after our picnics, we can make sure that the beautiful green areas we love to spend time in are kept that way. 

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