Most beautiful spots on US East Coast

Wednesday 06th Dec 2023 |

A new study has revealed the most Instagram-worthy spot in every state on the East Coast – with New York’s Central Park crowned top. 

Real estate company New Jersey Real Estate Network analyzed the number of posts uploaded to Instagram under area-specific hashtags mentioning the most aesthetically pleasing parks, lakes, forests, and other natural attractions, to determine the most popular spots.  

In Connecticut, Candlewood Lake had the most posts at 44,900. The lake is the largest in the state and offers picturesque views alongside a variety of recreational activities, making it the perfect draw for prospective residents or potential tourists alike. 

Delaware’s most popular beauty spot was Cape Henlopen State Park, recording 29,200 posts. The coastal park features scenic trails and breathtaking landscapes, which can be viewed from the historical World War II observation tower. 

The most popular beauty spot in Florida was the Everglades National Park with 835,000 posts. The Everglades are a flooded grassland region filled with marshes, swamps, and forests, making it the ideal spot to experience the beauty of nature and witness a diverse ecosystem. 

In Georgia, Lake Lanier took the top spot with 253,000 posts. The reservoir boasts stunning scenery as well as marinas and parks along the shoreline, cementing it as an ideal spot to relax and soak up the beauty of the outdoors.  

Maine’s most popular spot was Acadia National Park, which is one of the most revered destinations in New England. The park is home to extensive vistas and mountains, making it the perfect place for hikers. A highlight of the area is Cadillac Mountain. 

The most popular beauty spot in Maryland was Deep Creek Lake State Park with 86,700 posts. Centered around the largest freshwater lake in Maryland, the area is perfect for water-based activities.  The hiking trails that wind through surrounding forests offer majestic views of the lake and mountains, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.  

In Massachusetts, Boston Common was the most popular beauty spot, attracting 223,000 posts. The park’s lush green spaces and beautiful gardens constitute the perfect area for picnics, leisurely strolls and relaxation for both residents and tourists alike. 

State Outdoor Spot Number of Instagram Posts 
Connecticut Candlewood Lake 44,900 
Delaware Cape Henlopen State Park 29,300 
Florida Everglades National Park 835,000 
Georgia Lake Lanier 253,000 
Maine Acadia National Park 605,000 
MarylandDeep Creek Lake State Park86,700 
Massachusetts Boston Common 223,000 
New Hampshire Lake Winnipesaukee 168,000 
New Jersey Delaware Water Gap 81,900 
New York Central Park 8,100,000 
North Carolina Pisgah National Forest 196,000 
Rhode Island Colt State Park 20,300 
South Carolina Angel Oak 37,200 
Virginia Shenandoah National Park 314,000 

New Hampshire’s most popular beauty spot was Lake Winnipesaukee, with 168,000 posts. As the largest lake in New Hampshire, the clear waters allow for scenic cruises to explore the views of the surrounding mountains and charming lakeside towns. 

The most popular beauty spot in New Jersey was the Delaware Water Gap, which totaled 81,900 posts. One of the most exquisite natural areas in the Northeast, the Delaware Water Gap is formed by the Delaware River cutting through the Appalachian Mountains. 

In New York, Central Park took the top spot as the state’s most popular beauty spot with 8,100,000 posts. The sprawling oasis in the heart of New York city is rich in greenery, winding paths and iconic landscapes that have earned the park enduring popularity. 

North Carolina’s most popular beauty spot was Pisgah National Forest, which attracted 196,000 posts. The stunning natural landscape offers thriving woodlands and serene falls that certify it as the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. 

The most popular beauty spot in Rhode Island was Colt State Park, which reached 20,300 posts on Instagram. The picturesque waterfront park features beautiful views of Narragansett Bay, with miles of walking trails ideal for viewing the vibrant fields and shoreline.  

In South Carolina, Angel Oak was the most popular beauty spot, with 37,200 posts. Located in Angel Oak Park, the majestic tree is estimated to be at least 400-500 years old and stands at 65 feet tall. The tree’s branches unfold in a canopy that covers approximately 17,000 square feet.  

Virginia’s most popular beauty spot was Shenandoah National Park, totaling 314,000 posts. Situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it is perfect for scenic walks or drives that provide panoramic vistas of the surrounding forests, mountains, and valleys.  

A spokesperson for New Jersey Real Estate Network commented: “The popularity of these spots is testament to the astonishing natural beauty of the East Coast. It’s no surprise that both locals and visitors continue to enjoy these magnificent spaces. 

“These spots and beyond highlight why the East Coast is an ideal area to reside in. Exploring the natural world is essential to our mental and physical health, and the East Coast is abundant in the best of what it has to offer. These states provide plenty for those who enjoy the outdoors, connecting with nature or simply basking in a peaceful and beautiful environment.”