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Monetising Your Home’s Outdoor Space: 5 Ideas

Monday 13th Nov 2023 |

In the current economic climate, every penny matters. With wages being outrun by inflation, many of us are looking for other sources of income.

Maximising the potential of your home’s outdoor space can be one such way. In this article, we explore five unique ways to monetise your garden or backyard, including the addition of a charming summer house.

Installing a Summer House

A summer house can serve as a versatile addition to your outdoor space. It’s not merely a retreat during warmer months, but can be repurposed into a rentable asset – all without the need for hiring construction contractors or applying for planning permission.

With the rise of remote working, one option is to offer it as a tranquil home office. Even a tiny summer house can be enough space for a desk setup, coffee machine, and heating. This avoids the need for full-scale plumbing, which is needed for AirBnB, and of course it will often be empty in the evenings and weekend. 

Alternatively, transform it into a small studio for artists or a serene yoga space for wellness enthusiasts. By advertising on local rental platforms, you can attract a steady stream of renters, particularly if it’s in an expensive city.

Urban Farming

Urban farming is not only a step towards sustainability but it can also a profitable venture. It’s possible to convert even a modest garden into a mini-farm, growing organic fruits, vegetables, or herbs. These can be sold at local farmer’s markets or through a subscription box service to community members. Or, turn the produce into a product, like your own fermented hot sauce. You could also host workshops or tours, educating people about urban agriculture and organic farming.

Outdoor Event Venue

This one may seem a little extravagant, but it’s possible to transform your outdoor space into a venue for events. It’s better if you have a sizable garden, but neighbourhood sounds and licensing can still be an issue to consider. 

Birthday parties, intimate weddings (or just the photographs for a wedding), or corporate retreats can be quite profitable. To enhance the appeal, invest in ambient lighting, comfortable seating, and a modular stage area. 

Glamping Site

Glamping, or glamorous camping, has become a popular trend in recent years. Set up a luxury tent or a small eco-friendly cabin in your garden. Equip it with comfortable bedding, a small kitchenette, and perhaps even a wood-fired hot tub. This approach offers a unique experience for city dwellers looking for a quick escape to nature without venturing too far, and it’s something you can easily put on AirBnB or a dedicated camping website.

Garden Photography Studio

If your garden boasts unique landscaping, vibrant flower beds, or a picturesque view, consider renting it out as a photography studio. Photographers are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting locations for photo shoots; it can be particularly difficult for those in the city. Your garden could be the perfect backdrop for wedding photography, fashion shoots, or even product photography. Prop rentals and equipment could also be an upsell opportunity.

In conclusion, your home’s outdoor space may hold a surprising amount of potential for generating income in creative and enjoyable ways. With a bit of planning and a touch of creativity, your garden can help get you through this current cost of living crisis.