Moisturisers with sun protection; You know it makes sense

Friday 02nd Apr 2021 |

We all know using a moisturiser with broad-spectrum sunscreen (and taking other sun protection measures) can help protect your complexion from sun damage which can cause premature ageing – making it a part of your daily skincare routine is a no brainer.

Here we round up our favourite skincare with the added benefit of sun protection, perfect for the forthcoming warmer weather – she says with fingers tightly crossed…..

Moisturisers with sun protection – iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50

Formulated specifically for extended outdoor activities this is antioxidant-rich matte formula is a fusion of scientifically advanced physical sunscreens Titanium Dioxide and micronized Zinc Oxide coupled with pure vitamin E to provide water-resistant broad-spectrum protection. Available in Translucent or Beige.
RRP: £32.00

Moisturisers with sun protection – LifeJacket Skincare

An official partner of Melanoma UK, LifeJacket’s skin care range is designed specifically for men. It’s lightweight, water-resistant, reef-safe and cruelty free and non-greasy – all without compromising on safety, protection and performance. 

Through high-performing products that look, smell and feel good, LifeJacket Skin Protection aims to stop male skin cancer by encouraging more men to protect their skin. Engineered for men of all ages, LifeJacket wants men to incorporate SPF protection into their daily routine (as a woman I use them everyday – for 30 SPF protection they are so light and non-greasy)

Moisturisers with sun protection – Katherine Daniels Daily DNA Defence SPF30 – £50 / 50ml

  • An invisible veil of advanced photoaging technology to defend, repair and protect your skin from the damaging effects of UVA & UVB, blue light and pollution.
  • Active DNA Defence and Repair Enzymes
    • Defends skin’s DNA with broad spectrum SPF 30 during UV, pollution and blue light exposure.
    • Protects against and repairs damage from UV, blue light and pollution.
    • Powerful anti-oxidant and anti-free radical.
  • Camomile Extract & Tocopherol Acetate – Soothes redness caused by UV radiation and pollution and brings more anti-oxidant properties to keep those scavenging free radicals under control.

Moisturisers with sun protection – NEUTROGENA® Hydro Boost® City ShieldHydrating Lotion SPF 25 boosts hydration and strengthens the skin’s defences. Price: £7.99

Formulated with hyaluronic acid, this lotion not only replenishes skin with a boost of intense hydration, but also strengthens the skin barrier day after day so it can actively defend against external aggressors. The formula helps to defend against pollution and preserve skin’s youthful glow. It also protects against sun damage. 

Developed with Helioplex®, the NEUTROGENA® Hydro Boost® City Shieldhydrating lotion with SPF 25 delivers superior protection against harmful UVB and UVA that can cause premature ageing. Dermatologist tested. 

Moisturisers with sun protection – REGENERIST GLOW SPF 30 MOISTURISER

Glow & protect your skin like a pro whilst waving goodbye to greasy feeling SPF thanks to Olay Regenerist Glow Lightweight Moisturiser with SPF30. This SPF moisturiser not only protects your skin against harmful UV rays, but also actively hydrates and evens your skin tone, reducing the look of pigmentation for glowing, smooth and soft skin. Thanks to its fast absorption and breathable feel, you’ll experience skin that’s smooth, matte and shine-free.

Moisturisers with sun protection – REGENERIST WHIP LIGHT MOISTURISER WITH SPF30

Forget about sticky or greasy feeling SPF moisturisers and have it all with Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 30 face cream. This face moisturiser with SPF not only protects your skin against harmful UV rays, but also actively hydrates and plumps your skin for a lifted, glowing look. This revolutionary light as air version of the Olay Regenerist facial moisturiser with SPF transforms from cream to liquid on contact for fast absorption and a breathable feel. You’ll experience skin that’s smooth, matte and shine-free.