increase your online presence

Maximizing Your Online Presence: Embracing Multiple Devices to Expand Your Platform

Wednesday 15th Nov 2023 |

The digital era has brought on plenty of positive aspects: we’re more connected than ever before, with billions of internet users. This is why a push to increase your online presence is essential, and we certainly know the best way you can do just that. Interested? Then make sure to keep on reading.

The Importance of an Accessible Online Presence

Convenience is one of the top priorities for most consumers, and any tech-savvy business owner should be fully aware of this. Leveraging technology has made many tasks easier and more efficient, a necessity as our schedules seem to be only getting busier. This is why products/services should always be available digitally on every device possible.

increase your online presence

But let’s really push the point home with a clear example of an industry that started as completely physical and now has a digital alternative – the casino industry. Players can check out Betfair online slot games not only from their PCs but also from the browser or a phone or tablet. From Vikings Unleashed to Wins of Nautilus, all the games are fully optimised, thus ensuring that their users can play even if they don’t have access to a PC. Accessibility is highly important, so leveraging technology to implement this is vital.

Today’s consumers don’t want to work harder than they have to, not when they can access the internet to do anything from shopping for groceries to ordering furniture. But, not all digital platforms are created equally, some make it easier by creating apps or optimising their platform to be accessible on any potential device their clients may have. This can give them a significant edge against competitors that may be putting their focus elsewhere, thus increasing their potential ROI.

Mastering Cross-Platform Compatibility 

Hopefully, by now we’ve made it pretty clear how important having access to your services/products on various devices is. But how do you go about it? Between smartphones, tablets, and even Smart TVs – it’s no easy feat. Especially when considering all the various operating systems in play.

When it comes to having your platform accessible on varying devices and operating systems, you have to think about the approach you want to take with this feature. For instance, native development would entail creating a unique code depending on the tools and language of each device, but this requires a lot of resources however it would also be the best for user experience. 

There are other options like web development and hybrid, but in our opinion, cross-platform development would be the best way to go. This would require only one code that could be read on different platforms, which would be incredibly efficient but also quite a tough job to undertake to ensure a high-quality product.

Of course, if you have the means, you can easily delegate this job to developers and let them handle this hefty task. But not everyone has that option, which is why thankfully we have plenty of cross-platform development tools, with a nice list provided by Intuz. These tools exist to help create accessible platforms and test the compatibility of said platforms for various devices.

Leveraging technology to improve your technology is the way to go, as the saying goes, work smarter and not harder. Ultimately, it’s obvious that having more devices your consumers can use to interact with your products/services, the better your chances of increasing your profits. Regardless if you’ve been a businessperson with decades of experience under your belt, or you’re just a newcomer with a startup, cross-platform compatibility is something that should not be dismissed.