Make Caviar Everyone Will Love

Wednesday 15th Sep 2021 |

Did you know that the world’s most expensive caviar is worth over $34,000 for two pounds?

While most caviar isn’t that expensive, this food is still quite the treat for many people. This is why learning how to make caviar the right way can save you lots of money and ensure that each dish is as tasty as possible.

Do you want to become an expert at preparing caviar appetizers and main courses? Keep reading for 5 simple tips that will help you in the kitchen.

1. Learn About the Different Types of Caviar

What is caviar exactly? Caviar is simply fish eggs and others may also refer to it as roe, too.

Since there are tons of different species of fish, their eggs all have unique qualities as well. This is why it’s helpful to do your research on the types of caviar out there so you can find something to suit your individual tastes. While caviar from salmon and sturgeon are the most popular kinds, there are plenty of fun textures, sizes, and flavors to try.

2. Buy the Best Caviar From Reliable Markets

Not many people know how easy it is to¬†order caviar online. Take some time to research any seller that you’re considering to ensure that the caviar is safe and high-quality. If you’re going to treat yourself to this delicacy, then you might as well indulge in the best.

3. Search for Tried-and-True Caviar Recipes

Even the most skilled chefs can get intimidated by caviar. Instead of winging it and hoping for positive results, you should browse cooking websites to find caviar recipes that have received many stellar reviews. If other people have prepared a dish and loved it, then you can feel confident that your efforts won’t be wasted either.

4. Massage the Eggs Out of the Skin

As a general rule of thumb, the more mature your roe is, the easier it will be to encourage the caviar out of its skin. A popular method for completing this step is to put a little bit of caviar in some warm water at a time and use your hands to gently massage the eggs. If you try to use other kitchen tools, then the eggs are more likely to pop.

5. Brine Before Making Caviar Dishes

The last thing you should do before enjoying your caviar is prepare a nice brine for it to soak in. Some recipes call for a quick 10-minute brine while others go longer to enhance the salty flavors. You can always do a taste test periodically until your caviar has reached your ideal level of saltiness.

Now You Know How to Make Caviar

Learning how to make caviar isn’t as challenging as it may seem. While you may make little mistakes along the way, these tips will help you create stellar caviar dishes every time.

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