Luxury Sun Protection Products

Sunday 25th Apr 2021 |

We all love a little bit of luxury so why not treat yourself to a high end sun protection cream to add that little bit of decadence to your daily dollop of sun cream.

Whilst we need everyday sun protection, these luxurious products are also worth saving for that glamorous garden party or alfresco occasion.

Luxury Sun Protection – Ecooking’s waterproof SPF30

Luxury Sun Protection

Ecooking’s waterproof SPF30 formula is suitable for both the face and body. The vegan (and cruelty-free) sunscreen has a smooth lightweight texture which easily absorbs into the skin. Enriched with organic and natural ingredients including aloe vera, cucumber and glycerin to nourish the skin whilst providing protection from harmful UV rays. Dermatologically tested and suitable for all the family. RRP £28/200ml

Shiseido WetForce Invisible Feel Sports Protective Mist SPF50+ 150ml £32.30

Luxury Sun Protection

This lightweight sun protectant spray will withstand sports and other physical activities.  This suncare spray is non-sticky, instantly absorbed and will ensure that you can stay safe in the sun with complete confidence thanks to it being enriched with an odour-banishing fragrance that counteracts the smell of perspiration, replacing it with a pleasant one.

NEW La Roche-Posay Anthelios Age Correct Cream SPF50 50ml 1/3 Off During April £16.66 

Offers high protection against both UVA and UVB to shield against future photoaging and skin damage, while also minimising existing wrinkles and dark spots with actives such as hyaluronic acid, LHA and niacinamide. This formula is suitable for sensitive skin and offers a universal tint to appeal to a range of skin types and tones. Can be easily applied and blended in, and offers protection against oxidation from pollution. 

Luxury Sun Protection – BEST FOR ANTI-AGEING
Ultrasun Face Anti-Ageing Formula SPF30 50ml £18.70 

Luxury Sun Protection

Utilising the very latest in skincare advances, the formula delivers high protection from the damaging effects of UV rays while reducing fine lines and the appearance of skin damage. The airless pump dispenser prevents the product from contamination, which is ideal for sensitive skin. It contains Ectoine which stabilizes proteins and other cellular structures and protects the skin from stresses like UV and dryness. It also stimulates cell production for plumper and more youthful looking skin, as well as the enzyme S.O.D (superoxide dismutase) which neutralises free radicals stimulated by sun exposure. Boron Nitride reduces fine lines and reduces moisture loss, so that skin retains its hydration level. The high all-day protection of UVA 98% and UVB SPF 30 together with its water resistant formula makes the Face Anti-Ageing Formula the perfect companion for the summer. 

Luxury Sun Protection – BEST FOR OILY SKIN
Eucerin Sun Oil Control Gel-Cream SPF50+ 50ml 1/3 Off During April Now £10.66 at 

Luxury Sun Protection

Designed for those with oilier complexions, Eucerin’s mattifying Sun Gel Cream helps minimise sunburn and skin damage by featuring Advanced Spectral Technology, which combines broadspectrum and photostable UVA and UVB filters. This lightweight cream also works to minimise premature signs of ageing. The formula effectively neutralises damaging free radicals caused by UV and HEVIS light – which contribute to the ageing process – by using Licochalcone A. In addition, glycyrrhetinic acid supports the skin’s natural cell repair mechanism.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Anti-Shine Invisible Fresh Mist Spray SPF50+ 75ml 1/3 off during April £9.33 

Achieve high sun protection wherever you go, with the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Anti-Shine Invisible Fresh Mist Spray SPF50+. Ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle, the Anthelios Anti-Shine Invisible Fresh Mist Spray SPF50+ by La Roche-Posay provides very high broad spectrum sun protection against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB, thanks to the addition of Mexoplex and Mexoryl XL.  Suitable for fair, sun-sensitive or intolerant skin, the easy-to-use spray contains La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, which refreshes and hydrates skin upon application. In addition, a matte effect makes it suitable for even oily skin types.

Luxury Sun Protection – Ultrasun Face Tinted Anti-Pigmentation SPF50+ 

Luxury Sun Protection

Delivers targeted skincare actives with heavy duty UVA (against an EU standard of 33%), UVB (SPF50+) and Infrared-A protection. The light weight easy-to-apply tinted moisturiser can be used in place of your normal day cream and is formulated with a hint of colour (honey) to suit all skin types. Active skincare ingredients are encapsulated in a stable lamellar technology formula. Ectoin: a revolutionary and rare natural enzyme that protects the skin to prevent UVA induced premature photo ageing. Stabilised Vitamin C – in the form of ascorbyl glucoside is used to prevent the formation of the skin pigment melanin.  Available in 50ml: £36.00 . 

Luxury Sun Protection – Ultrasun Glimmer SPF20 & SPF30 

Luxury Sun Protection

Achieve radiant, shimmering skin with the Ultrasun Glimmer Lotion SPF30; providing a long-lasting level of protection against damaging UVA and UVB rays, this gentle, yet effective formula reflects away light with tiny golden glimmers, making the skin look bright and glowing whilst protecting. As well as looking great and flattering all skin tones, this luxurious product is water-resistant.  Glimmer SPF30 available in 150ml: £28.00 

iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50

Formulated specifically for extended outdoor activities, this antioxidant-rich matte formula is a fusion of scientifically advanced physical sunscreens Titanium Dioxide and micronized Zinc Oxide coupled with pure vitamin E to provide water-resistant broad-spectrum protection. Available in Translucent or Beige. RRP: £32.00

Natura Bisse’s C+C Vitamin Sheer Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF 25. 

This revitalising fluid features a lightweight texture that sinks in easily to moisturise and firm the appearance of the skin. It is enhanced with three types of vitamin C: pure vitamin C that releases gradually throughout the day, vita c asimil to promote assimilation and stabilised ascorbic acid that works to reduce the look of wrinkles. Together, this vitamin-rich formula works to improve elasticity and brighten dull skin. 
RRP £97.00 50ml 

Katherine Daniels Daily DNA Defence SPF30 – £50 / 50ml

  • an invisible veil of advanced photoaging technology to defend, repair and protect your skin from the damaging effects of UVA & UVB, blue light and pollution.
  • Active DNA Defence and Repair Enzymes
    • Defends skin’s DNA with broad spectrum SPF 30 during UV, pollution and blue light exposure.
    • Protects against and repairs damage from UV, blue light and pollution.
    • Powerful anti-oxidant and anti-free radical.
  • Camomile Extract & Tocopherol Acetate – Soothes redness caused by UV radiation and pollution and brings more anti-oxidant properties to keep those scavenging free radicals under control.

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