Luxury at the Best Mediterranean Hotels Accessible by Superyacht

Tuesday 28th Nov 2023 |

A fortunate minority of the residents of planet Earth have access to a superyacht. These huge vessels are able to provide a range of luxury facilities – and they’re also able to sail across the seas in search of the best available spots for tourists. 

Luxury hoteliers across the Mediterranean have striven to make their premises accessible to the ultra-wealthy patrons who might favour this mode of transportation. If you’ve taken out a yacht charter, then each of these places might be worth considering.

Idyllic Locations in the Med

Certain parts of the Med stand apart, thanks to the history and culture attached to them. The French Riviera has been favoured by tourists for generations, and the same might be said of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. But there are other areas of the continent that might not spring to mind quite so quickly but nevertheless offer copious luxury.

If you’re sailing around Crete, for example, you might pay a visit to the Elounda Peninsula, which sits within the hills of Agios Nikolaos. Even the smallest rooms here are, in fact, suites that spread across at least two floors, and come with its own pool. 

Halkidiki offers another world-class resort that can be sailed straight into. For travellers in the Mediterranean looking for a spa experience, the Miragio Thermal Spa Resort has a great deal to commend it, offering space for boats of up to forty metres. There are nine separate restaurants and bars, along the the main attraction: a spa built around a naturally occurring hot spring.

In France, we might look at the Île Sainte-Marguerite, which is a UNESCO-protected island sitting just off from the Lerin islands. On this island we find, surrounded by pine and eucalyptus, Le Grand Jardin (The Big Garden) which provided a home to French royalty for centuries.

Coming back to Italy, there’s the Splendido to consider. This is a Belmond hotel which sits just inside the Italian village of Portofino. It’s actually built from the remains of a sixteenth-century monastery, and, over the years, it’s welcomed some of the most high-profile guests imaginable.

Superyacht Accessibility

Luxury hotels and superyachts enjoy a very close relationship. When one industry is in good health, then the other one tends to thrive, too. Wealthy tourists value the convenience that comes with being able to sail straight into an incredibly opulent and welcoming hotel experience. 

Of course, the longer the yacht, the more difficult it might be to get it moored. For the minority of super-elite travellers with boats longer than a hundred metres long, mooring might not be a concern – you might simply arrange for a smaller yacht to transfer you from the main one to the resort you’d like to stay in.


Since the world’s superyacht industry is booming, the popularity of superyacht-accessible hotels is also being driven up. As long as an elite class of individual has the financial means to invest in a superyacht, and the inclination to do so, it seems fair to assume that the popularity of these hotels is going to persist. 

The demographics for superyacht owners are shifting, too, with younger people increasingly finding themselves in possession of one. As such, we might see the offerings from these hotels shift in the future, rushing to cater to the tastes of millennials.