Low or no alcohol alternatives for the festive season

Wednesday 18th Nov 2020 |

So if you are looking for alcohol alternatives as we head towards the festive season, check out our top picks that will leave you with a clear head and a healthier liver!


alcohol alternatives

NINE ELMS No.18. is a non-alcoholic indulgence which drinks like a wine and although uniquely designed to complement good food, its versatility also makes it the perfect ingredient when crafting a variety of cocktails – ideal for the festive season!

In its tall, elegant, beautifully designed bottle, multi award-winning NINE ELMS No.18 exudes luxury and sophistication. Intricately crafted with the juice of 4 types of dark berry and 20 different botanicals, the drink provides a delicious non-alcoholic experience that’s perfect for Christmas time.

Champion Cider

For years, there has never been an alcohol-free cider that strikes the perfect balance of great tasting, fresh flavours without it being ladened with sugar… until now, that is. Recently launched exclusively in Tesco, Champions Cider is a zero-alcohol cider, coming in at only 50 calories per bottle. 

alcohol alternatives

Vegan friendly, and loaded with natural fruit and flavours, all of Champions’ range features no added sugar, preservatives or nasties. Unlike current zero alcohol ciders on the market, which are crammed with up to 50g of sugar, Champions, featuring no added sugar, has only 11.2g of naturally occurring sugar. 

Champions Cider – Strawberry & Rhubarb: Champions Strawberry & Rhubarb Flavour is drinkers who love a refreshingly sweet cider on a hot summer day. Despite the forever-changing weather in the UK, Champions Strawberry & Rhubarb can be enjoyed year-round. 

Champions Vitamin Cider (coming soon) – Raspberry Flavour: Champions Raspberry Vitamin Cider is for those who want a great tasting and energising cider with a healthy hit of Vitamin C. Keeping immune systems in shape after just one bottle.

Champions CBD Cider (coming soon) – Kiwi & Lime: A first in the booze-free sector, Champions Kiwi and Lime CBD Cider is for those who want to relax after a long day and find a calm peace of mind before getting in forty winks. CBD oil has many incredible benefits and the team have put it in the form of a delicious cider with no added sugar.

Fizzy, flavourful, vegan and fresh – Champions Cider is here to stay. 


A delicious alternative to a glass of wine at Christmastime, Shloer’s core range comes in Red Grape, White Grape and Rosé variants, with a great new taste that’s sure to add some sparkle to any socially distanced Santa soirees. 

alcohol alternatives

Created from a blend of the finest real grape juices, the non-alcoholic sparkling juice drink is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, gluten free, and free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives too – making it a sure-fire way to ensure you’re on the nice list this Christmas!

And when it comes to Bubbly, Shloer’s got you covered too… 

alcohol alternatives

Popping the cork on Christmas, Shloer’s crisp and full-bodied bubbly is perfect for any celebration, delivering an extra special sprinkle of sparkle with every pour. A glass with class, White Bubbly and Pink Bubbly are both crafted with a blend of the finest sun-kissed grapes, with finest real fruit juices as the not-so-secret ingredient in every bottle.


SMASHED is a premium range of British craft alcohol-free (0%) beers and ciders that taste so good you forget that they have no booze in them. DRYNKS, who make them, is the only UK drinks brand who can produce the full remit of 0% craft beers and cider because it owns the UK’s first and only state-of-the-art alcohol-free brewery.

All the SMASHED drinks start life as real craft beer and cider and then the alcohol is gently removed in a pioneering process called Cool Vacuum Distillation. This clever process maintains the same bubbly, personality, character and flavour of the full alcohol version.

There are five drinks available in the SMASHED range: Lager, Pale ale, Citrus lager, Apple cider and Berry cider. All SMASHED drinks are vegan, gluten free (where possible), low in sugar and contain less than 100 calories per bottle/can.

Price: £1.99 for 330ml can/bottle. Available from Booths, Amazondrynks.co.ukZeroholic and Dry Drinker and many other retailers, pubs, bars and restaurants. 


Original Caleño Light & Zesty is a refreshing blend of juniper, citrus and spice botanicals featuring the golden Inca berry, the perfect non-alcoholic gin alternative. Serve over ice with tonic. 

Alcohol alternatives -

And new Caleño Dark & Spicy, a distilled golden and spicy blend, packed with warming pineapple, tropical notes, ginger and kola nut spices, is the perfect non-alcoholic alternative to rum. Serve over ice with soda and a squeeze of lime. 

Caleño is inspired by the flavours, rhythms and colours of Colombia, and is sugar-free, sweetener-free, allergen-free and free from any artificial flavourings, plus suitable for vegans.

Both are available from calenodrinks.com and Amazon, and Caleño Light & Zesty is also available from Sainsbury’s, RRP £18 for 50cl.

Alcohol alternatives – NEW full-bodied Bramble Sparkling Pressé! 

As we all seek a mindful moment to relax and unwind, bottlegreen has announced the launch of a brand-new blend, inspired by the latest alcoholic flavour trends; a joyful bramble joins the delicious, refreshed range of sparkling presses, all with new-bodied flavour.

The delightful alternative to a glass of wine for those looking to ‘pressé pause’ and take a me-time moment, bramble infuses hedgerow favourites bursting with juicy blackberries, the tartness of sloe berries and hand-picked elderflower.

Alcohol alternatives – Cotswold Green No:1

Alcohol alternatives -

Consumer driven desire for a more complex and sophisticated alcohol-free alternative drink sparked the creation of Cotswold Green No:1. The new premium spirit brand quenches the growing thirst for the health-conscious mindful drinking movement which currently has limited options with the same bold and yet elegant taste profile as Cotswold Green No:1. 

With flavour at the forefront, Cotswold Green No:1 is hand crafted and traditionally distilled using only natural botanicals, with zero calories, zero sugar and no artificial flavours or sweeteners added. A classic blend of botanicals is used with juniper and citrus, delivering a smooth and clean taste just like a premium gin, but with a healthier and vegan friendly twist. 

Alcohol alternatives – Go Sober In January with St Peter’s Without®

If your new year’s resolution is to ditch the booze, then St Peter’s Without® 0.0% alcohol beer is the perfect choice to get you through Dry January and beyond.

St Peter’s brews three delicious alcohol-free beers: Without® Original and Without® Gold and Without® Elderberry & Raspberry, offering a delicious choice for both ale and lager drinkers with zero alcohol and at least 25% fewer calories.

Made from four natural ingredients: barley, hops, yeast and water, St Peter’s Without® is 100% natural and contains fewer calories than an average beer making it a healthier choice all round. Find it in Morrisons, Tesco and The Co-Op and from www.stpetersbrewery.co.uk

Alcohol alternatives – McGuigan Wines

Alcohol alternatives -

Australian wine brand McGuigan Wines has an alcohol-free range, McGuigan Zero, comprising five quality crafted wines; a shiraz, sparkling, rosé, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. Set to delight non-drinkers and anyone simply looking to cut back on their alcohol intake, McGuigan Zero is the ultimate tipple for Christmas drinking.

Sourced and selected from premium vineyards in South Eastern Australia, Zero has been created in response to consumers looking for alcoholic alternatives. The range has been developed to ensure the same flavour and quality matches that of McGuigan’s existing collections.

Created to maintain strong varietal characteristics, the McGuigan Zero range also contains no artificial sweeteners or additives.

The shiraz has a good length with sweet blackcurrants and a rounded finish, whereas the rosé is more aromatic and vibrant with strawberries and citrus notes. The Zero sparkling has refreshing bubbles and pairs well with smoked salmon dishes, while the chardonnay could be matched with chicken risotto or simply enjoyed on its own. The sauvignon blanc has stand-out flavours of passion fruit and lime with a long finish.

The McGuigan Zero range is available to buy from Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Morrisons, Budgens and Londis, RRP £4.50 per bottle.

Alcohol alternatives – Pentire

Mixing a Pentire and tonic.

Pentire is Cornwall’s first non-alcoholic spirit and is made by distilling a unique range of plants native to the Cornish coastline, and is free from added sugar, artificial colours and artificial flavourings.

Described as a ‘drink for tomorrow’, Pentire was inspired by a love of coastal living and an active lifestyle. Its flavours evoke feelings that you get when you are standing on a headland looking out to sea, experiencing green, citrussy and naturally salty notes.

It is stocked in some of the best restaurants and shops across the UK, including Harrods, The Pig Hotels, Paul Ainsworth restaurants, and Daylesford.

For some serving inspiration, a list of cocktail recipes is available on the Pentire website. The Pentire Pine Spritz is a great choice for the holidays – celebrating the pine aromas so often associated with the Christmas tree.

Alcohol alternatives – Nonsuch Shrubs

Alcohol alternatives -

This range of non-alcoholic offerings are the ultimate drink enhancers for non-alcoholic serves. Perfect for enjoying as a mindful option on alcohol-free occasions – the sodas are ready to drink and the syrups ideal for enhancing non-alcoholic mocktails. The Nonsuch range includes syrups such as Caramelised Pineapple and Ginger Shrub and Wild Hedgerow and Rose Shrub as well as sodas including Peach and Basil Shrub Soda and Blood Orange and Bitter Lemon Shrub Soda. 

Alcohol alternatives – Woodies CBD Kombucha

The CBD Kombucha is low in sugar and calories (with a trace of alcohol from the fermentation process – no more than 0.5%), and made from certified organic ingredients! This soft drink combines the substantial health benefits of both CBD and Kombucha to offer a rejuvenating boost to your health, and bringing a new innovation to the CBD trend. 

Alcohol alternatives -

The extensive fermentation process makes Kombucha rich in antioxidants and the golden ticket to gut health, having been known to improve digestion, metabolism and energy. The addition of CBD, which has naturally occurring medicinal properties such as improving chronic pain and mental health, makes this new drink a must-have for health fanatics. 

Available in the delicious flavours Ginger, Orange & Hibiscus, and Raspberry, Woodies CBD Kombucha is an excellent alternative to alcoholic drinks, and prove that no-alcohol drinks don’t need to be boring! 

Alcohol alternatives – NIO Cocktails NIO – premium letterbox delivery cocktails

Due to increased consumer demand, NIO Cocktails wanted to create an alcohol free offering as they understood that their consumers value the option of choice, with NIO Cocktails aiming to provide something to suit everyone. Better still – you can mix and match your own box of 3, 6 or 9 cocktails so everyone gets a say – be it alcohol free or a tipple or two. 

Virgin Bitters 

Alcohol alternatives -

Enjoyed all over the world, bitter aperitifs including the Americano and Negroni are staples of Italian mixology, renowned for whetting the appetite and opening up the palate for the meal ahead. Delivering the depth of flavour of a classic bitter aperitif but without the alcohol, NIO Cocktails Virgin Bitters cocktail uses an aromatic blend of non-alcoholic distillates into which they add their bitters. It delivers gentian and cardamom on the palate, giving way to a subtle spicy and fruity finish – the perfect set up for evening ahead.

Lemongrass Citrus

Alcohol alternatives -

Lemongrass is a graceful and exotic herb and is a cornerstone of South East Asian cooking. Known for its sweet citrus scent and a vibrant lemon flavour, it was the obvious choice when thinking about creating the ultimate refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail. Expertly mixed with an aromatic blend of non-alcoholic distillates for sophisticated refreshment.

Days Brewery

Days is a new 0% alcohol beer. Rather than removing the alcohol during the process, which often compromises the taste, Days unique technique brews together locally sourced, premium ingredients, without the alcohol. Meaning no alcohol (and 50% less calories than a full-strength beer) but all the taste and flavour. 

The ethos of Days is all about reclaiming your ‘day’. The founders set out to develop an alternative for those who love great beer but don’t want alcohol to get in the way of their active lifestyles. The pair wanted to create a refreshing and sessionable 0.0% option with all the flavour and sociability of beer that can be enjoyed with anyone, anytime, anywhere.  
Offered in cases of lager and pale ale for £25 (12x 330ml) via the website, and have listings in select beer shops across the UK. Plus 2% of sales (what would have been the alcohol tax) is put towards initiatives that empower fresh thinking towards mental health.

Kinsbrook Vineyard’s low alcohol wine alternative

Kinsbrook Vineyard, which lies just outside West Chiltington, Sussex, has released its exceptional trio of debut wines which includes a low alcohol option (10.6%). Made from the Bacchus grape, which is ideally suited to England’s cool climate, the Kin Bacchus 2019 is infused with mouth-tingling acidity and herbaceous notes.

Kinsbrook is a family-owned and run vineyard founded in 2014. Led by 27-year-old Joe Beckett, the youngest vineyard owner in the country, Kinsbrook is creating a spectacular range of hand-crafted wines from grapes grown on its third generation farm. 


Savyll cocktails have been carefully crafted using a unique blend of natural ingredients to recreate the sophisticated flavours, familiarity and sense of occasion that cocktails bring, with a premium selection of the world’s most popular variations.

The perfect stocking filler, Savyll’s Beautifully presented gift box features a choice of Bellini, Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule and Mojito OR you choose your favourite from their fabulous range in a box of four, which also includes Spiced Rum & Cola and Old Cuban.

Good One (low alcohol)

The new hard seltzer brand Good One officially launched last week and is now available to order from their website! To celebrate, free shipping is on offer from the Good One Shop. The brand arrives in 12 packs with all three flavours Cloudy Grapefruit & ThymeLime & Cucumber and Raspberry, and Basil & Lime (4 x cans of each) or full 12 packs of each flavour.

Even more good news… Every can is low in sugar and carbohydrates, plastic free and vegan but Good One has also partnered with an environmental social enterprise ensuring that with every chug trees are planted. 


Freestar began with the idea that you should be able to create a better alcohol-free beer without first producing and then removing alcohol. Better for flavour and better for the planet. 

Co-founders Eddy Dallas, Felix von Hunter and Charlie Crawley, have since created an award-winning, alcohol-free beer brand, being crowed the 2019 world beer award winners for the UK’s best low alcohol beer. 

As opposed to the typical fermentation process which removes alcohol from full strength beer to create a non-alcoholic product, Freestar blends 100% natural ingredients without yeast, which guarantees its 0.0% ABV. 

Freestar is better for the planet, the brand’s unique production process emits 90% less Co2, uses 80% less water, 80% less energy and creates 70% less waste than other production methods. 

In July 2020, Freestar became the first alcohol free beer to certify as a B Corporation, with a common goal of building a more inclusive and sustainable economy. 

Bottle and can packs are available to buy via the Freestar website

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