Lockdown Locks; The best at-home hair products

Wednesday 13th Jan 2021 |

Here we are again in another national lockdown, salons are shut and we are fending for ourselves again on the hair front.

Fear not, there are so many great at-home hair products on the market that will help keep our bangs looking boss throughout lockdown, we are not going to panic, and neither should you.

Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask, £28

A true innovation in hair care, Virtue’s advanced formulations are enriched with Alpha Keratin 60ku, a whole, human keratin born from regenerative medicine. Since this is identical to the keratin in your hair, the protein is instantly recognised, binding directly to areas of damage and filling them – not just coating strands or weighing them down. Uniting this advanced protein with a host of other powerful ingredients, this luxurious, deeply hydrating treatment mask actively rehabilitates hair in need of extra care, immediately infusing shine, moisture and resiliency, leaving locks bouncy, vibrant and beautiful. Brown algae extract provides further repairing powers and heat protection, aramanthus seed extract (a plant-based protein) enhances colour, moisture retention and shine, baobab seed oil provides rich, silky moisture and artichoke leaf extract preserves cuticle cohesion and helps to protect hair from environmental aggressors. The ultimate treat for stressed tresses, this mask smells as good as it does, fragranced with a rich, nurturing blend of fresh woods and clean citrus formulated with coconut and yuzu extracts.

Dr. Hauschka Hair Oil, £18.50

Dr. Hauschka Hair Oil restores shine and vitality to all hair conditions. The oil offers intensive, restorative care for dry, damaged, brittle and lacklustre hair. It is also especially well-suited for use with an irritated scalp and with permed or coloured hair, as well as hair damaged by heat styling or the sun. The formulation of neem, chamomile, wheatgerm oil and rosemary strengthens hair and soothes the scalp. The combined power of valuable medicinal plant extracts gives hair new strength and body.

The best at-home hair products – OSMO Wonder 10

Achieve smooth, sleek and more manageable hair with this keratin-based leave-in treatment, designed to deliver a combination of 10 wonderous effects all in just on bottle.

at-home hair products
  1. Helps repair dry and damaged hair
  2. Nourishes and protects for radiant shine
  3. Smooths split ends and controls frizz
  4. Offers thermal protection for styling tools
  5. Formulated with colour protection complex
  6. Incredible detangler
  7. Improves the blow-dry process
  8. Creates body and movement
  9. Delivers softer, silkier, more manageable results
  10. Perfect for use on hair extensions

RRP: £12.90, available at www.feelunique.com

The best at-home hair products – So…? Sorry Not Sorry Tame The Mane Hair Mask

at-home hair products

Restore and repair your hair with this nourishing hair mask enriched with Green Tea extracts to add renewed life to your hair. Lightly scented with a sweet pea fragrance, this mask will leave hair feeling luscious with extra added bounce and shine.

RRP: £6.99, available from www.superdrug.com

Centred. Creative Director and Principal Stylist at Josh Wood, Kieran Tudor says… “Taking good care of your hair is paramount all year round and the key to getting healthy, glossy hair is to look after your hair correctly and avoid damage. As we tend to use more heat styling in the winter months try to avoid excessive temperatures (above 185 degrees) for longer periods of time on the hair. When styling with heat always use a heat styling protection product.

at-home hair products

The best at-home hair products – The CENTRED Unwind Detangling Primer (£18/100ml, cultbeauty.comadds a superfine mist of moisture enriched with vitamins for adding natural shine to your blow dry and also offers protection up to mid temperatures by helping to keep the cuticle layer smooth and protecting the inner part of the hair from heat. Avoid Silicones where possible as too many silicones on hair can build up over time and actually dehydrate hair in the long run.

at-home hair products

Make sure you use a sulphate free shampoo like the CENTRED Daily Calma Shampoo (£22/250ml, cultbeauty.com) which is formulated with a coconut derived cleanser that is gently cleansing and won’t strip your hair of its natural moisture.

at-home hair products

Taking a supplement like the CENTRED Tender Love & Hair (£30/60 capsules, cultbeauty.com) is another great way to give your locks some love in the winter months whilst also supporting the immune system. The completely natural formula with Zinc, Biotin, Silica, Vitamin C and B Complex along with Organic Aloe Vera is just what the body needs to support heath hair growth, glowing skin and strong nails.

The best at-home hair products
TRESemmé Biotin + Repair  7 Mask – £6.10, Boots

at-home hair products

TRESemmé Biotin + Repair  7 Mask gives you a dry hair treatment by smoothing and repairing your heat damaged hair while nourishing your scalp. Contains the TRESemmé® Pro-Repair Complex, and visibly repairs hair from chemical, heat and mechanical styling damage, fixing your hair where it needs it most! This TRESemmé® mask is also formulated with biotin and is the first step to start restoring your hair’s beauty from its very first use!

The best at-home hair products – TRESemmé’s Colour ShinePlex Lock Serum – £6.10, Boots

at-home hair products

Working to instantly control frizz and gives your colour-treated hair long lasting Vibrancy & Shine for up to 12 weeks.

The best at-home hair products – ONaturals Oils

at-home hair products

ONaturals Oils started in the home of sisters with a shared vision, since 2014 they have been practicing nourishing secrets for natural hair and felt it was only right to share them. They most recently featured in The Metro. ONatural Oils root their values in using only the best of the earth’s natural resources to nourish bodies and hair. ONatural Oils aim to help customers achieve luscious natural hair, by infusing every product with heavenly and naturally fragrant essential oils. ONatural Oils carefully hand-craft every cosmetic with signature blends that especially cater to curls. 

Electric °C-1 English ​Rose Serum – £17.50

A light, non-oily, invisible oil serum that repairs hair, reduces split ends and offers protection from UVB rays. The serum gives a photo-ready finish and a luminous shine to every hairstyle, creating definition and texture. 

The new formula contains 17% English rose extract. This intuition came to Mark Woolley – from the roses harvested on the grounds of Electric’s Falmer Court in the Sussex countryside. 

MONAT Hair Transformation Masque – £65

Designed to target damage at the microscopic level and restore hair to a healthy, pre-damaged state. A nourishing formula that will help reverse breakage whilst strengthening and softening. It will transform the look of damaged, brittle, over-processed hair within minutes.

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