Lithuania’s Foodie Hot Spots; A Gastronomic Getaway

Tuesday 14th Sep 2021 |

With Lithuania now offering its visitors an additional night in the country for free at nearly 500 accommodation providers, its three main cities – Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda are the perfect gastronomic getaway destinations for foodies.

Lithuania Travel – the country’s national tourism development agency – along with the locally-acclaimed chef and food blogger Arnas Raulinaitis, have compiled a list of the top brunch places in the most-visited Lithuanian cities.

Lithuania’s Foodie Hot Spots – Vilnius: A Unique Take on European Cuisine

Lithuania's Foodie Hot Spots

Telegrafas. Nestled in the center of Vilnius Old Town, Telegrafas creates an elegant dining atmosphere overlooking the scenic Vilnius Cathedral Square. Balancing between culinary tradition and innovation it delivers a unique European gastronomical experience. The dishes are marked by a combination of European cooking, veering from East to West with a hint of Mediterranean.
Address: Universiteto g. 14, Vilnius 01122

Sugamour.  With a heavy focus on elegant and extravagant sweets and baked goods, this dessert boutique offers an extensive breakfast menu available all throughout the day. The ample outdoor and indoor seating area provides a cozy atmosphere for lingering over savory brunch meals and tasty desserts.
Address: Vokiečių g. 11, Vilnius 01130

Lithuania's Foodie Hot Spots

Meat SteakHouse. This steakhouse is an absolute must-visit for meat lovers visiting Lithuania. Equipped with a special meat ageing chamber that helps reveal the best meat flavoring properties during ageing, Meat offers a variety of light and hearty meat-based brunch options. Vegetarian menu is available too. Address: A. Juozapavičiaus g. 13, Vilnius 09311

Chef’s pick for Vilnius—Druska Miltai Vanduo (Salt Flour Water).
“Druska Miltai Vanduo or DMV—as the locals like to call it—is probably the most popular place to have breakfast in Vilnius. DMV began its life as a small artisanal sourdough bakery, however, today it offers a wide assortment of brunch foods—served with quality bread that they produce themselves—including their locally acclaimed take on eggs Benedict and variety of breakfast toast options,” said Arnas Raulinaitis.
Address: Geležinkelio g. 3, Vilnius 02100

Lithuania’s Foodie Hot Spots – Kaunas: the Centre of Culinary Innovation

Lithuania's Foodie Hot Spots

MoMo Grill Kaunas. Located in the former historical alcohol and yeast factory, it is a place with an extraordinary industrial style interior nestled in Lithuania’s capital of modernism. As one of the first restaurants to introduce the concept of brunch in Kaunas, it offers a variety of traditional European and American brunch options including egg dishes, pancakes, breakfast pastries, and more. Address: Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 18a, Kaunas 44295

Monte Pacis.  A luxurious environment that brings its visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy modern restaurant pleasures in the XVII century historic monastery ensemble of Pažaislis. Spiced with the culinary insights and creative secrets of the monks, the dishes are made from locally grown products.
Address: Tito Masiulio gatvė 31, T. Masiulio g. 31, Kaunas 52436

Uoksas. This critically acclaimed restaurant offers a modern take on Lithuanian and European cuisine. Known for its culinary interpretations and bold kitchen experiments with textures, layers and intensity of tastes—reflected by such delicacies as freeze-dried pumpkin and chocolate dessert—it has won the hearts of the Kaunas locals and visitors alike. Address: Maironio g. 28, Kaunas 44249

Chef’s pick for Kaunas—Holas.
“Holas is a youthful and vibrant place that offers a perpetually changing menu comprising two major sections—Mexican flavors and the most beloved dishes from all over the world delivered with a unique and modern twist,” said Arnas Raulinaitis. “On the weekends, the chefs at Holas offer a wide variety of French toast options and—of course—the Lithuanian take on American pancakes which is an absolute must-try for those visiting Kaunas.” Address: Laisvės al. 84B, Kaunas 44250

Lithuania’s Foodie Hot Spots – Klaipėda: Lithuania’s Gastronomic Port Town

Monai.  Situated at the very heart of Klaipėda, Monai presents a cozy home-like environment ideal for a light brunch or a delicate dinner. The local chefs known for their unique and often flashy presentation of dishes, invite the guests to observe their creative process in the kitchen—situated at the center of the dining room.
Address: Liepų g. 4, Klaipėda 92114

Lithuania's Foodie Hot Spots

Vanilės Namai. This dessert boutique is a must-visit for those that have a sweet tooth although it offers a wide variety of brunch options. Here, the visitors can indulge in various egg dishes, several pancake and waffle options as well as a large selection of lighter savory snacks and sweets—such as handmade eclairs, chocolate truffles, and other traditional French desserts.
Address: H. Manto g. 3, Klaipėda 92128

Felsner Family Restaurant. Offering a variety of traditional Lithuanian and modern European brunch options as well as desserts and wines, the local chefs prioritize ingredient quality and balance between flavors. The dishes available here span from such delicacies as fresh tuna tartar and sashimi to traditional Lithuanian kitchen indulgences like pan-fried bread—which is served here with a creamy garlic sauce and olives.
Address: Turgaus g. 11, Klaipėda 91247

Chef’s pick for Klaipėda—Baltos Lėkštės (White Plates).
“Baltos Lėkštės is one of the first places in Klaipėda to offer pizza baked in a wood-fired oven. Stylish interior, friendly and professional service, and a unique menu inspired by Italian cuisine: wood-fired pizza, handmade pasta, fresh and piping hot doughnuts, and other kitchen delights made with whatever is in season at the time. Its weekend breakfast menu—that changes all the time—is definitely worth a try because Baltos Lėkštės is a true gastronomical gem of the seaside,“ commented Arnas Raulinaitis. Address: Turgaus g. 10, Klaipėda 91247

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