Lithuania; Something different this summer

Tuesday 29th Jun 2021 |

Are you tired of such overcrowded touristy vacation spots as Mallorca or the Greek islands? Then we have a perfect destination for you—the quirky, undiscovered, intriguing Lithuania.

It is precisely the peculiar aspects of Lithuania—like its bizarre cuisine of smoked mackerel ice cream or the “pink soup” šaltibarščiai, its pagan traditions or unique nature escapes —that make it a unique summer holiday destination this year.

Therefore, Lithuania Travel—the country’s national tourism development agency—has compiled a list of 5 unexpected qualities that make Lithuania a perfect summer holiday destination:

You can travel across Lithuania in 3 hours. 

Unlike the large European countries such as France or Spain, Lithuania’s small proportions render it uniquely compact, taking travellers only 3 hours to traverse the entire country, swiftly experiencing the differences of local regions and landscapes.

Here, you can have fun by leaping over blazing flames

Saint John’s Eve is a traditional midsummer folk festival that brings communities together outdoors around blazing bonfires. During the celebration, locals make oak leaf wreaths, leap over flames, and hunt for fern flowers which are said to bloom only once every 100 years on Saint John’s Eve. There are a multitude of pagan-inspired celebrations throughout the year as well as bizarre, supernatural sites

In Lithuania, you can enjoy cucumber ice cream. 

During the hot summer months, nothing is as refreshing as a large scoopful of vanilla. However, Lithuanians are anything but “vanilla” when it comes to their choice of ice cream. Cucumber, lavender, marinated mackerel as well as vodka sorbet and beer—these (and more) are the ice cream flavours the country offers its visitors and locals alike.

Here, you can sleep in a hand-crafted luxury cabin.  

Five-star hotels, deluxe apartments, or fancy villas—these are all luxury accommodation options that are easy to find in Lithuania during summer. That said, most locals are likely to choose a peaceful hideaway at the heart of the pine woods, a cozy yurt in the depths of a forest or even a handcrafted wooden cabin at the edge of a lake. Glamping Lithuania offers a variety of housing options that include such luxuries as coconut mattresses, SPA baths, underfloor heating, and romantic lighting—all starting from €150/night.

In Lithuania, you can explore nature that is untouched by civilization. 

The country’s visitors can explore the peacefulness of its silent emerald woods, misty swamps, and sandy dunes that remain unaffected by civilization. For instance, the 3.5-km-long Varnikai Cognitive Trail combines forest, lake, and marsh views. Leading away from the noise of the city, it invites visitors to experience the unaffected beauty of Ilgelis Swamp known for the abundance of berries: cranberries, lingonberries, wild strawberries, and blueberries.

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