Light Bathing; Improve Your Mood

Wednesday 10th Nov 2021 |

Let’s be honest the start of shorter, darker days can feel a touch depressing. But what if we told you that creating a light-promoting schedule can enhance your disposition, increase energy levels, and even eliminate feelings of anxiety and stress?

Black owned LED mask brand SwearBy Skin know a thing or two about the importance of light therapy and believe that altering your exposure will significantly improve your mood this winter. Here’s how to do it…

Light bathing

Cold outside? Resist the temptation to stay in all day and make time to go for a walk. Natural light suppresses melatonin (the sleep-inducing hormone), which means getting out into the daylight during your waking hours can help conquer feelings of SAD (Seasonal Adjustive Disorder). And it doesn’t have to be a trek, even just 10-15 minutes will make a huge difference to your day.

Light Bathing – Light therapy

Want to know the reason why there are so many lightboxes and alarm clocks now available? It’s because they work! Light therapy is a well-established first line of treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder, and usage of certain lamps has shown to make a noteworthy improvement on people’s feelings and mood.

Light Bathing – Candle curing

Not sure about sunrise alarm clocks? Try waking up to natural light by burning candles in the morning and night. In Ayurvedic practices, it is believed that candles harness the restorative powers of nature and have the ability to heal our bodies and mind. Scientific studies have also shown that burning scented candles can improve low psychological wellbeing and help reduce feelings of sadness, fear, anxiety and stress.

Light Bathing – Bright light detox

Avoiding exposure to bright lights at night will help you sleep better and make getting up the following day easier. Turn down the lights as soon as you sit for dinner and then gradually ease yourself off screens – if possible, put them away an hour before bed.

Light Bathing – Happy LED light

The beauty equivalent of giving your skin a cuddle. LED light is known to do wonderful things to our skin. From boosting skin radiance and increasing collagen production, it can also soothe inflamed complexions and even reduce the appearance of acne. But a quick session can also improve your mood, and users have reported a dramatic lift on feelings of stress and sadness.

How? LED light therapy boosts our ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), the primary energy carrier in our cells. It has also been shown to improve serotonin levels, hence why it has the nickname ‘happy light’. Use the SwearBy Skin LookLit LED Mask, £75, for just ten minutes a day and you’ll mimic the feeling you get from a warm sunny walk.

Light Bathing – How does it work? 

LED light therapy is a painless treatment that triggers your skin’s natural healing abilities and can tackle many complexion issues like fine lines, breakouts and hyperpigmentation. Containing advanced technology usually reserved for costly tools, the LookLit LED Mask has three different colour modes of red, yellow and blue. And, unlike lots of masks, it’s wireless! Meaning you can wear it and get on with your day. SAD blues, be gone!

SwearBy Skin LookLit LED Mask £75 


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