Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts; There is still time

Wednesday 10th Feb 2021 |

It’s the romantic day of the year and let’s face it, we’ll grab any reason to celebrate at the minute.

Whether you want to show love to your other half, your besty or your granny, there are Last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone – this year in particular, let’s embrace a day that celebrates love.

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts – Candy Kittens personalised jars

After a less than desirable year when 80% of people lost touch with a best friend* and 30% of us saw romance fly out the window**, there’s no better way to reignite relationships and make that special someone smile than with a next-level personalised gift – especially when it has planet friendly, taste-bud-tingling treats inside. 

For just £10, Candy Kittens personalised jars of joy are the ultimate, Covid-proof way to make your loved ones’ hearts skip a sweet this Valentine’s Day. Filled to the brim with fan-favourite flavours including Wild Strawberry, Sour Watermelon or Tropical Mango, there are few things more enjoyable than a delicious Candy Kittens delivery to sweeten the day.

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts – Valentino Divina Small Purse £34.99

A beautiful compact zip around purse in rose pink by Valentino is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. With an open pocket for coins and space for cards, this faux leather purse is finished with metal Valentino branding for that luxe finish. 

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts – Moschino Fresh Gold 30ml Gift Set £33.59

This luxuriously floral scent is the perfect romantic gift for a perfume lover this Valentine’s Day. This Moschino gift set included a 30ml eau de parfum and a scented body lotion. With top notes of pear, base notes of sandalwood and vanilla, the Fresh Gold by Moschino promises a distinctive fragrance. 

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts – Paul Smith 3 Pack Multi-Colour Trunks £34.99

The perfect essentials for him this Valentine’s Day, the Paul Smith multi-colour trunks promise straight-forward sleek style perfect for everyday wear. With each pair of trunks adorned by the signature Paul Smith branding, and made from super soft cotton, this pack of premium underwear is bound to go down a storm. 

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts – Gin & Chocolate Gift Set

To surprise a loved one with the ultimate indulgence this year, there’s the Gin & Chocolate Gift Set which contains a full sized bottle of Roundwood’s award-winning London Dry Gin and a box of handcrafted chocolate chocolates from local chocolatier The Cambridge Confectionery Company.  Roundwood’s London Dry Gin is distilled in extra-small batches of less than 100 bottles with an uncomplicated blend of seven carefully-selected botanicals, including elderberries for a fruity twist on a classic dry recipe. With plenty of zesty orange flavours, bursts of berry and delicate notes of elderflower, the gin is sippably-smooth, beautifully balanced and extremely drinkable!  The chocolates are solid chocolate domes bursting with the tastiest of ingredients from fruits and nuts to toffee pieces, marshmallows and cookies.


Light some candles, queue your favourite playlist and share a bottle of Tequila Rose with your favourite person this Valentine’s Day. 
With its silky rich strawberry cream and bite of Tequila, you’re guaranteed to be in for a delicious treat. It’s perfect for whatever the mood takes you – from naughty but nice shots to cheeky cocktails. Tequila Rose RRP: £12. Now on offer for £10 at Tesco and Morrisons

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts – Taittinger Prestige Rosé gift pack with Champagne glasses

The ultimate treat for valentine’s day with your partner –Champagne Taittinger Prestige Rosé gift pack with Champagne glasses. There is nothing more decadent than a glass of rosé champagne. RRP £55

Last Minute Valentine's Gifts

Perfect as a gift, this vibrant rosé with a vivid aroma of red summer fruit, enticing wild strawberry and raspberry will dominate the stylish and elegant palate. Paired with two glasses, this gift set is perfect for a special occasion or celebration.

A shimmering pink Champagne, Taittinger Prestige Rosé gets its beautiful vibrant colour from the addition of 15% still red wine from the vineyards of Ambonnay and Bouzy, to a blend of white wine which comprises at least 30% Chardonnay. With its subtle balance of soft red fruits and crisp acidity, this wine is velvety, full-bodied and refined.

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts – Drowsy Mulberry Silk Eye Masks

Sweet dreams are made of Drowsy Mulberry Silk Eye Masks! No better way to say ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day than with a luxurious silk eye mask made to feel like a comforting hug for your face!

Last Minute Valentine's Gifts

The ultimate silk eye mask was masterfully crafted by Drowsy for maximum sleeping comfort, with its luxury fabric that has a cloud-like touch and instantly provides deep relaxation and comfort to skin. 

Renowned for its anti-ageing properties, silk also helps retain skin moisture and provides a hypoallergenic effect, elevating beauty sleep to the next level. Plus, the pure silk mask is wide cushioned and fully adjustable, so it effectively blocks out all sleep-interrupting light whilst delivering total comfort to weary eyes.


Sauce Shop – award-winning artisan condiment brand, is every condiment lover’s dream. This Valentine’s Day spice things up with their HOT SAUCE CHALLENGE SET – five of their best-selling spicy condiments packaged up in a slick black box, ranging from mildly manageable to downright dirty hot. 

Take the challenge with your Boo and maybe dabble in a game of Chicken Wing Roulette – recipe included inside the box!  It’s the perfect for gift for your special someone who takes their condiments seriously. Once you go Sauce Shop, there’s no going back.  Priding themselves in producing condiments free from added thickeners and stabilisers and using only top quality ingredients to produce the best tasting sauces. 

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts – EKA  RING – GOLD £29

This ethically made dainty but unique open baguette ring is embellished with asymmetric, Citrine gemstones. This delicate open ring is adjustable to fit all finger sizes. All metal and stones are ethically sourced. Handcast by female artisans from gold plated sterling silver with genuine citrine crystals. A dainty style minimalist ring that would light up any kind outfit. Perfect as a casual everyday ring, but can also be matched with gala party outfits.

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts – Treat your loved one to a bottle of Pink Marmalade Gin – the natural, colour changing gin.

Created using a traditional single-shot method of distillation, the process begins with a secret ingredient – their signature salted pink marmalade. This is then combined with another 12 choice botanicals to create a dry, zesty, and unmistakably premium gin that balances organic botanicals with a singular moment of pure colour-changing magic. 


When mixed with tonic the gin majestically turns from a cool blue to a subtle rose pink thanks to the inclusion of Butterfly Pea flower that makes this possible via entirely natural methods. All Pink Marmalade Gins are lovingly wrapped in pink tissue, and customers can add in a personalised note for an extra special touch. 

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts – Jane Scrivner Bath & Body Splash  £33 /150ml,

  • Blending carefully chosen essential oils with Jane’s unparalleled scent sense and knowledge of the world’s best sources – citrus oils from Russia, Cypress from Himalaya, Ylang Ylang flower from Madagascar and golden Jojoba Oil from Peru – the Jane Scrivner Bath & Body Splash collection will feed and nourish skin while leaving it subtly scented, hydrated and glowing. Simply splash it all over – or add a few drops to a warm bath.
  • Cleanse Bath & Body Splash – jojoba oil is anti bacterial, nourishing & restores skin’s collagen & elastin. Coconut oil is anti inflammatory, hydrating & softening. Seed and berry essential oils cleanse, warm and improve circulation – Sweet Fennel from Bulgaria, Himalayan Juniper, Indian Black Pepper all wrapped with the fresh acidity of Cypress needles from France and Italian Grapefruit
  • Peace Bath & Body Splash – jojoba oil is anti bacterial, nourishing & restores skin’s collagen & elastin.Coconut oil is anti inflammatory, hydrating & softening. Grounding and base note essential oils sourced from gums, tinctures and resins calm & comfort – Frankincense Resin from India, Myrrh Resin from Somalia, Elemi Gum from France, all refreshed with Benzoin tincture and Sweet orange peel from Mexico

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts – Katherine Daniels Instant Effect Eye Mask – £60/4 treatments,

  • Instantly transform and revitalise tired, dehydrated, ageing eyes with these superior eye masks.
  • Activated right before use, each mask will plump, smooth, firm, hydrate and bring luminosity to the delicate eye area in just 20 minutes. Instant visible results are delivered after one use and sustained visible effectiveness if used two times per week.

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts – Centred. En-Root Scalp Treatment (£36 / 100ml,

  • encourage hair growth, hair retention and promote overall healthier hair with this nourishing detox treatment
  • deeply nourishing olive, hemp and lavender oils replenish moisture to dry brittle hair, whilst detoxifying salicylic acid exfoliates the scalp to remove product build-up
  • soothing rosemary and peppermint oils stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles maximising hair growth potential

Sprout Pencils – Spread The Love Edition

The world’s first and only patented plantable pencil that blooms into vegetables, flowers and herbs when you’ve finished using it.

Instead of throwing it out when it becomes too small to write with, just plant the stub into soil, and water – the capsule dissolves and releases seeds that sprout into Forget-me-not flowers, Carnations, Thyme, Sage and Daisy.

Each pencil has a love-related quote engraved to spread the love:

  • All things grow with love
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder
  • When we love – we grow
  • Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow
  • Let love grow

It’s a great way of showcasing sustainability and encouraging people to think about recycling and the environment.

Why Sprout Pencils are special

  • Non-toxic and plant-based seed capsules, so they’re perfectly safe if you accidently chew on them
  • Variety of non-GMO seeds including basil, cherry tomato, chia, sage, thyme, sunflower, carnation, coriander, daisy and forget-me-not flowers
  • Plastic-free, lead-free, 100% biodegradable and will decompose safely
  • Around 14 billion pencils are produced worldwide each year – imagine if all these pencil stubs could turn into plants in the way these pencils do

Blackened Pomegranate scented candle from Art House London.

Why not treat your loved one to a Blackened Pomegranate scented candle from Art House London.  Lovingly hand poured in England using 100% natural plant wax with lead-free cotton wicks for a clean, non-toxic burn, this luxury candle will seductively fill the room with the fragrance of the rich ruby juices of blackened pomegranate, blended with aromas of raspberry and plum, spiked with notes of pink peppercorns and spicy woods to create a dark and enigmatic sense of luxury.  A sophisticated, deep sensual scent.   

Available in three sizes: travel size (90ml) has a burning time of up to 30 hours costs just £13.00 – classic size (300ml) burns for up to 60 hours and retails at £26.00 – 3 wick (12cm x 12cm) burns for up to 100 hours and costs £49.00

Craving some cocktails?