L-Theanine; The Health Benefits

Friday 10th Sep 2021 |

L-Theanine – 4 Ways This New Ingredient Can Regulate Appetite, Reduce Anxiety, Improve Sleep and Transform Your Wellbeing

L-Theanine is a powerful substance that can be found in natural products, such as green and black tea, and can also be made synthetically.

It has a multitude of health benefits and is renowned for encouraging a calmer mental state by improving mood, focus and concentration, whilst reducing anxiety. To help you understand the various health and wellbeing benefits of L-Theanine, we have caught up with Sports Nutritionist and Fitness Coach, David Stache, from Instant Knockout (www.instantknockout.com), who shares his expert knowledge on how this new ingredient can transform your wellbeing.  

It Regulates your Appetite:

L-theanine has been shown to help curb cravings and support appetite control. This is hugely beneficial in and of itself, and even more so when you consider that reduced stress levels (caused by L-Theanine) means that a person is less likely to ‘stress-eat’. This can contribute to weight-loss or healthy weight maintenance. If you’re looking to change your diet and lifestyle to lose fat, I would recommend combining L-Theanine with caffeine which can regulate your appetite and support fat loss. 

It Reduces Stress and Anxiety:

If you suffer from anxiety, stress, or stress-related issues, then you would likely benefit from L-Theanine’s relaxing effects. The substance relaxes the mind and interacts with serotonin and dopamine to provide an anxiety reducing and calming effect. The best part is that there are no sedative-like effects, so you can feel relaxed without experiencing fatigue!


It Can Improve Quality of Sleep:

Between work and socialising, sometimes our busy schedules can come at the cost of sacrificing a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, this negatively affects our ability to function well throughout the day. It’s imperative that we prioritise getting enough sleep, and L-Theanine can certainly lead to an improved sleep quality. L-Theanine reduces stress and anxiety levels which means that our brains can switch off quicker, and it also increases the likelihood of us having a deeper and less interrupted sleep. L-Theanine increases the alpha brain waves, which play a key role in REM sleep phase and in turn allows for a more restful sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is highly beneficial, and the use of L-Theanine to assist you in falling and staying asleep leaves you feeling energised for the day ahead and ready for a satisfying workout. If weight loss is your main goal, getting enough L-Theanine could determine whether you make progress or remain static. 

It improves mental performance:

L-Theanine can benefit your mental performance. It has a positive effect on the brain, leaving you feeling more alert and focused. It can also allow for better memory recollection and cause your reaction time to speed up. This not only affects how a person functions at work and home but can give you the mental energy and drive you need to motivate yourself to push harder during your workouts and achieve your desired goals.

Overall, L-Theanine is a powerful addition to any collection of supplements as it regulates your appetite and majorly increases your energy levels, especially when combined with caffeine. The new Instant Knockout Cut formula has the added benefit of containing L-Theanine, which not only helps you to cut fat and speed up your metabolism, but it also boosts wellbeing and reduces anxiety (RRP £35 for 120 capsules, available to buy from www.instantknockout.com).