Jollibee; What a jolly good idea

Monday 03rd May 2021 |

Jollibee, the Philippines’ largest fast-food chain, launches a fourth UK restaurant in Leeds. Jollibee is famous across the world for bringing a tropical twist to a traditional western menu, with unique food combinations including crispy fried chicken with a side of sweet spaghetti.

The brand has a cult following amongst the Filipino diaspora around the globe, from Hong Kong to New York, and now, here in the UK. The first British store opened in Earl’s Court, London in 2018, winning the hearts and taste buds of the locals. In the first two weeks of the store launch, Jollibee sold over half a million pieces of chicken! Jollibee’s ambitions did not stop in London however, with new restaurants opening in Liverpool and Leicester last year.

Jollibee will also launch a flagship location in London’s Leicester Square this month. By 2025, Jollibee intends to open over 50 stores in Europe, with further expansion plans in Italy and Spain. The company has already sold three million pieces of chicken to the British people.


Jollibee serves up the crispiest, juiciest and tastiest fried chicken around, with a diverse menu including chicken burgers, hotdogs, fries, desserts and refreshing drinks. Proudly family-owned, their values are demonstrated in their promise to bring great service and a smile to every customer. The new restaurant in Leeds will offer a new, unique and, most importantly, fun experience to everyone who comes through the door, all at an affordable price point.

The much loved “Chickenjoy®” is Jollibee’s signature dish served up extra crispy on the outside and marinated to be extra juicy on the inside. Another favourite dish is the Jolly Spaghetti, a sweet style spaghetti with Jollibee’s signature sauce loaded with hotdog pieces and grated cheese.


The new Leeds restaurant is in a prime location on Briggate, within the city centre’s pedestrianised zone and is open 10am-10pm daily, with a seating capacity of 128. The store officially opens its doors to the public on Monday 10th May at 10am.

“Leeds is an incredible city filled with culture and great food. We are excited for the people of Leeds to take their first bite of our £3.99 chicken burgers and our brand new spicy version which we are adding to the menu this month.” Adam Parkinson, VP of Jollibee Europe The opening of the restaurant will create new job opportunities for up to 40 Loiners, supporting the local economy and bringing a fun and unique dining experience to the people of the city.

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