Jo Malone London Presents A New Collection For The Home

Sunday 23rd Aug 2020 |

Introducing the Jo Malone London Townhouse Collection: a new selection of scents created specially for the home.

The collection takes its inspiration from the scented scenes and celebrated moments within a London townhouse; from freshly baked temptations in the drawing room to colourful stories among the vines in the garden room.  A house that becomes a home for all those who dream.

Carefully crafted from high grade ceramic material, the designs reference the finer details of Georgian architecture, from cornicing and columns to mantles and fireplaces. Each candle is finished in unglazed ceramic as a nod to the decadent textures seen in the most luxurious homes of the 1700s.

Six candles make up the Jo Malone London Townhouse collection, each one capturing the unique mood of a particular room or moment within the home. The collection includes:

jo malone london

o   WILD BERRY & BRAMBLE: Welcome Home. The scent for any hour.  The style for any place. A signature scent for the home.

o   PASTEL MACAROONS: Afternoon Tea. The taste of temptation.  Delectable desserts in the drawing room.

o   GREEN TOMATO VINE: The Garden Room. Sunlight captured. Vines warmed inside. A place to linger.

o   GLOWING EMBERS: A Cosy Night In. Pages turn in front of the fire.  A moment to kindle your imagination.

o   LILAC LAVENDER & LOVAGE: Calming Sundays. Gentle rain on the window. The comfort of clean white sheets.

o   FRESH FIG & CASSIS: A Sunlit Morning. Late summer nostalgia.  Fig trees embraced by the sun. A freshness on the breeze.

The collection will be available at   Jo Malone London boutiques from 1st September 2020, including:

–          Wild Berry & Bramble Candle 300g RRP £90.00 

–          Pastel Macaroons Candle 300g RRP £90.00 

–          Green Tomato Vine Candle 300g RRP £90.00 

–          Glowing Embers Candle 300g RRP £90.00 

–          Lilac Lavender & Lovage Candle 300g RRP £90.00 

–          Fresh Fig & Cassis Candle 300g RRP £90.00 

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