How to Spot a Fake Gucci Marmont Bag  

Wednesday 27th Jul 2022 |

Gucci is one of the biggest names in the world of fashion, and rightfully so! The brand is a design powerhouse and has been creating amazing bags since 1947. That’s older than most of the customers that buy the bags today. However, if there’s one thing about designer success, is that as the brand grows more and more, so do the copycats.  

No matter where you live, you can probably find a knock-off Gucci bag around you. Some of them are very obviously fake. It’s easy to tell them apart from a real one even if you’ve never seen a real Gucci bag in your life. However, some knock-offs are made so well that unless you know the fine details, you won’t be able to tell the difference.  

Those are the type of bags that scammers use to fool their customers. They’ll use a bag that looks real but is totally fake. If the customer doesn’t know the difference between a fake and a real one, they’d easily get duped into paying full price for a knock-off bag!  

This isn’t an unavoidable problem, though, there’s a way out of it. That’s for you to know all of the little details that make Gucci Marmont bags the masterpieces that they are and the things that are tell-tale signs of a fake one! 

How to Spot a Fake Gucci Marmont Bag 

Here are some of the main things you should check before buying a Gucci Marmont bag so rule out a fake one from a real one! 

The Build Quality 

Even if you’ve never had a Gucci Marmont Bag of your own, you will easily be able to tell if the build quality isn’t quite right. When you’ve got the bag in your hand, feel the leather on it to make sure it’s thick, high-quality leather. Fake versions of the bag often use a lower quality, textured leather that might look okay from afar but will break down within a few weeks of use. This is something you can check in person better than you can do online, but if you’re using a legitimate, reliable platform like SehaBags to buy your bag, you can look through the super close up pictures they have on there to really see the quality!  

The Logo 

Even though the Gucci logo isn’t exactly the most complicated of them all, it’s one that the knock off bags don’t usually get right. Both of the “G”s on the bag should be identical. That’s the first tell tale sign, but not the only one. Make sure the shape tapers from a point to a blunt edge and is perfectly welded into each other. There shouldn’t be any glue or visible signs of them being attached to one another. The entire thing should be perfectly seamless. You should also make sure to look at the color. All Gucci bags have a seamless colored logo. In the case of the Gucci Marmont bag, you should have an evenly done, matte gold color on the entire logo. Any inconsistencies would point to the bag being a fake!  

The Straps 

This might be a bit of an afterthought for most people, but Gucci Marmonts aren’t just known for the bag itself, but also the straps. Each little part of the bag comes together to create the overall look and feel. Every individual chain link should be its own piece, without any gaps properly fitting together. The chain should also feel fairly heavy in your hands and should have a strong link to the leather section of the strap they tie into. The eyelets should feel like they were embedded in the bag from the start, and nothing should get stuck when you try to use them. The way Gucci creates the bags is that every piece feels like butter with quality. So watch out for gaps, snags, and cheaper handiwork. 

The Stitching and Back Details 

Then comes the stitching. This is also something a lot of people don’t think about at first, but it makes a world of a difference. With the way Gucci Marmont bags are stitched, the threads are pretty much melting right into the bag. Nothing sticks out at all. When you flip the bag over, you’ll see the classic Gucci Marmont heart. This heart should be 2/3rds of the way down the bag and perfectly centered from the sides. Not just that, but the stitching is a perfect border all the way around. Make sure the heart is exactly the way it is in the photo below. If there are any differences in the shape of the bag, it might just be a fake!  

The Bag Itself 

Then, finally, you should take a look at the bag as a whole. The flap should open up super easily, with nothing bunching up anywhere. There wouldn’t be any creases because that’s the way the bag is designed to last for decades so they’ve measured everything out in a way that there wouldn’t be any signs of wear and tear with general use. The magnets on the flap should snap closed without much of an issue. Plus, the bag should be able to hold your essentials easily because of the ample space inside! Knock-offs have a way of making the bag appear spacious, but when you put your belongings inside, they stick out of the sides and don’t fit at all!  

Never Fear a Fake Gucci Marmont Bag Again! 

With all of the information outlined in the article above, you’ll be able to spot a fake Gucci Marmont bag no matter how well it’s made! All you have to do is check all the little things, pay close attention, and do the most important thing of it all, get your bags from a legitimate source! Always get your bags directly from the Gucci store or website if you’re buying them brand new, or from a reliable platform like SehaBags if you’re going for a preloved one, and you’ll have the smoothest experience possible!  

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