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How To Pick The Right AC Unit For A Cool And Relaxing Summer

Monday 01st Aug 2022 |

A lot of people choose to install air conditioners in their homes to enjoy the summer season without having to worry about the heat. Air conditioners help regulate indoor temperatures by cooling and circulating air inside a room or building.

After a day spent outdoors, enjoying the warm weather, and basking in the sun, it’s refreshing to come back inside and just relax and cool down. In this blog, we will share tips on picking up the right AC unit for a cool and relaxing summer. 

  • Energy Efficiency

It’s necessary to evaluate the energy efficiency of an air conditioner before making a purchase. Not only can it save the cost of your energy bill, but it can also reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Find an air conditioner with an energy efficiency ratio (EER) that is the proportion of the capacity to cool an AC unit to its energy input. The more efficient the EER, the higher the unit’s efficiency. If you want to increase your air conditioner’s energy efficiency, consider investing in a unit with a variable-speed blower because it can help save up to 30% on your energy bills by matching the cooling output to your specific needs. Make sure that the unit has a “sleep mode” or “energy saver mode” because it can support reducing energy consumption by up to 20%.

  • Consider the Size of the Room Or Area

One of the significant things to consider when selecting an air conditioner is the size of the room or a building. If you pick an AC unit that isn’t big enough, it won’t be able to keep the room cool efficiently. According to information found at, it’s important to choose an appropriate size for your air conditions because a big unit will cool the space too quickly, and you’ll end up wasting energy. You can divide the room’s square footage by 30 to determine the minimum BTU (British Thermal Unit) output that your air conditioner should have. Before selecting the unit’s size, the ceilings’ height should also be determined.

  • Warranty and Maintenance

You should review the warranty and maintenance of the unit before making a purchase. Mostly, the warranty of air conditioners is one-year. However, some units may come with a longer warranty and will protect you if the unit breaks down. Furthermore, the maintenance of the unit will assist prolong its life. Select an air conditioner that is easy to maintain and has a long warranty because you want to ensure that the unit will be long-lasting. Replacement parts can be expensive, so you should prefer a unit that uses high-quality parts that are easy to find and replace.

  • Consider the Climate

If you live in an area with a mild climate, you won’t need an air conditioner with a high BTU output. However, if your residence is in an area with a hot climate, you’ll require an air conditioner with a higher BTU output. Sometimes, the climate changes throughout the day. In this case, you should select an air conditioner with a “starter” or lower BTU output for the milder morning hours and a higher BTU output for the hotter afternoon hours. Because you don’t have to use the air conditioner all day, you can save on energy costs. You can also opt for a “smart” air conditioner that automatically adjusts the BTU output according to the climate. Suppose there is high humidity in your area,  you should buy an air conditioner with a dehumidifier because it will help remove the excess moisture from the air, making the space more comfortable.

  • Internal Components

Evaluate the unit’s internal components to buy the right AC unit. The compressor is one of the essential components of an air conditioner because it enables refrigerant circulation through the unit. It will not work efficiently if the compressor is unable to operate efficiently. The condenser is another crucial component because it releases heat from the refrigerant, and its evaporator helps absorb heat from the air.

Make sure to choose an air conditioner with a high-quality compressor and condenser to ensure that the unit can effectively cool the air.

When you follow these suggestions while buying an air conditioner, you can be sure to buy the right unit for your home. Consult a professional before making your final purchase to ensure you get the best AC unit for your needs. It will ensure that your air conditioner will effectively cool your home and last a long time so that you can enjoy a cool and comfortable summer using a well-suited unit.

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