How to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember

Friday 12th Feb 2021 |

The pandemic has made it hard to celebrate the big annual occasions we all look forward to. And Valentine’s Day, a day that celebrates romantic love and closeness, will be especially strange this year.

So, what do you do on Valentine’s Day if the rules mean you can’t see your partner? You’ve lost the spark in lockdown together? Or haven’t found a date?

Luckily, Stephanie Taylor of intimate health company Kegel8 is on hand to give her top tips on how to spice things up and reconnect. No matter your situation, this guide will make your lockdown Valentine’s Day one to remember…

Going solo: tips for singletons

Social distancing measures and public places being closed has made it harder than ever to meet someone new. It’s also put strain on many new relationships. So, it’s likely this year more of us will be spending Valentine’s Day alone. 

But this shouldn’t fill you with dread. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to practice some self-love. Treat yourself to your favourite meal, tipple and film – but perhaps clear of rom-coms! 

If you’re feeling lonely, why not schedule a zoom with your friends and share the love that way? After all, love comes in all shapes and sizes. Take it one step further by organising a Valentine’s ‘Secret Santa’ style present swap. There’s no good reason you shouldn’t be treated too!

It’s also the perfect time to get to know yourself intimately with zero pressure. Last year, sexual wellness become a huge trend as people discovered (or rediscovered) self-pleasure during lockdown. It may be the first Valentine’s Day you’re not left disappointed.

In it together: tips for lockdown lovers

You might usually crave a cosy night in together on Valentine’s, but after the year we’ve all had, this may have lost its appeal. Being with someone you love 24/7 can be difficult, no matter how hard you try to keep the spark alive. 

If your evenings usually centre around staring at screens in pyjamas, it’s time to stop everything and focus on each other, 100 percent.

Create your own special Valentine’s menu which you can have fun making together – think homemade pizzas or pasta and cocktails.

For an after-dinner activity, why not play an adult board game like Connect or Mr & Mrs to reconnect. You could also try your hand at a hot stone massage (kits available online) to relieve stress and get you in the mood.

Long-distance love: Tips for couples separated

Perhaps the most frustrating scenario will be couples living in separate households who can’t see each other this Valentine’s. It won’t be easy, but there are plenty of ways to celebrate your relationship, all you need is a little creativity.

Thanks to video apps like Zoom, you don’t have to miss out. Get dressed to impress, each order in your favourite takeaway or share a recipe to both cook for a virtual date night. You can create your own playlists of songs that remind you of your time together too and send a parcel of thoughtful gifts to open together.

If you and your partner are movie junkies, Amazon Prime has the perfect feature to use together. Start a ‘watch party’ with your loved one to watch a film synonymously. Its chat feature means you can go on discussing while you watch. Grab some snacks and snuggle up – it’ll almost be like they’re really there.

You don’t have to sacrifice intimacy either. If you want to turn it up a notch, there are now a whole host of clever remote-controlled sex toys on the market, making long distance love easier, and better, than ever before.

By Stephanie Taylor, Managing Director of Kegel8

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