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How to make it as a fashion stylist 

Wednesday 22nd Jun 2022 |

The world of fashion can be an incredibly difficult industry to break into. Many people aim to make it in this sector – with bold and ambitious characters fighting to be in the spotlight, few actually go on to make their stylist business a real success. 

If your dream is to become a well-known fashion stylist, read this article to hear our top tips on how to do just that. 

Try to get an internship with a big fashion house 

Despite having a degree in fashion under your belt, many businesses now look for real-world experience. The best way to break into the industry is by securing an internship – a great way to gain experience and develop your skills. 

Internships are a fantastic way to learn from your peers, network with other stylists and work your way up the company, ensuring to get your name out there. Your new colleagues may also recommend your work to new clients, so grab the chance while you can. 

Build your portfolio 

Internships can offer a great chance to start building your portfolio. It’s an ideal way to showcase your work and styling skills and present your looks to potential new clients.  

This gives people a better understanding of your work, delivering your ideas and concepts in a visual manner to really capture the attention of your future customers.  

Growing your network 

Connecting with professionals within the industry is crucial to expanding your client base and getting your name out there. Make sure to regularly attend fashion events, keep up with the latest news and trends and regularly update your social media accounts. 

Always have your business cards to hand, ensuring they stand out and represent your brand. They are key to spreading the word and making people more aware of you and your business. 

Keep up with trends 

Fashion is always changing, therefore it is imperative to be consistently up to date with the latest fashion trends and what is happening in the world of style. Which designer is everyone currently talking about? What microtrends are emerging both on social media and in real life? 

This particular knowledge will set you a cut above the rest, gaining a head start into knowing what’s hot and what’s not, enabling you to incorporate this into your own work. 

Utilise social media 

Your social media accounts should represent your own brand and style. They can also be utilised to show off some of your expertise, giving your followers an insight into your life and your looks.  

It’s important to ensure you are also following your favourite fashion and style accounts, as well as famous stylists and brands that you would be keen to work with. 

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