How to host the perfect brunch at home

Saturday 12th Sep 2020 |

Kate Cartwright, from the ceramic specialists Burleigh, offers her top tips for putting on a stunning brunch at home. Take these tips on board and you’ll have no trouble hosting a memorable meal that’s sure to impress.

Here in the UK, 35 million of us head out to breakfast or brunch every year, according to this year’s market report from Paymentsense. And it’s easy to see why this meal is so popular — meeting up with your nearest and dearest for a late breakfast means you get a lie-in, and also gives you the chance to eat almost anything you fancy.

We’ve all missed out on visiting our favourite brunch spots over the last few months, and you might still be hesitant to meet people outside your home. So, to help ensure you don’t have to miss out on brunch any longer, I’ve put together this guide to hosting the perfect one in the comfort of your own house. Take these tips on board and your friends or family are guaranteed to be impressed.

Make sure your menu offers sweet and savoury options

The best things about brunch is that, where the menu is concerned, anything goes. And, to cater to all tastes, you’ll want to ensure you have both sweet and savoury options for your guests to enjoy. You could go with a main meal and dessert style of brunch, or come up with some different main dishes you could offer. Pancakes and French toast are great sweet choices, while eggs benedict, avocado on toast, and cream cheese bagels are all fantastic savoury options.

You really do have a lot of freedom when it comes to putting together a brunch menu, though, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Just make sure there are a few different options that are sure to please your guests. Sending them your menu ahead of time and asking them to choose what they like is a great way to ensure you’re well-prepared and that nothing goes to waste. 

Ask about any dietary requirements

The last thing you’ll want is to put on a lavish spread, only to find that one of your guests has dietary requirements that means they can’t enjoy any of your lovely food. So, even if you think you know your friends and family incredibly well, it’s worth checking in to see if anything’s changed since the last time you made food for them. People might have made lifestyle choices that means they no longer eat meat, or somebody might have discovered that they have a gluten intolerance, for example.

If you find someone has a dietary requirement that you aren’t used to accommodating, don’t be afraid to ask what they would like on the menu. And make sure you completely understand what they can and can’t have. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Offer your guests a glass of bubbly

If you want to make your home brunch an extra-special event, make sure you have a bottle of prosecco or champagne on hand. Champagne brunches are very popular for special occasions, and the fact that we can now meet up with friends and family after months apart is a great excuse to celebrate.

If you and your guests aren’t huge fans of prosecco or champagne, you could serve wine or even make your own cocktails. It’s also a good idea to ensure you have plenty of soft drinks like tea, coffee, and juice in case anyone wants to give the bubbly a miss. And make sure you let everyone know ahead of time if you’re planning to serve alcohol with your brunch, as this will give them time to work out how they’re going to travel to and from your house. You won’t want people to have to miss out because they’ve brought the car! 

Use matching tableware

When you’re hosting a brunch at home, you’ll want everyone to feel like they’re visiting the latest fancy restaurant, and ensuring your table is set beautifully will help with that. Use your favourite tableware for the occasion, and make sure everything matches. Adding a lovely tablecloth, placemats, and coasters will finish everything off wonderfully.

The quality of the ceramics you choose will help to set the tone of your brunch, too. I would always recommend going for stylish and sturdy tableware that is a joy to use. 

Decorate your dining space for the occasion

It’s also worth thinking about how you could transform your dining space into the perfect brunch spot. Could you add a colourful cushion to each chair, and possibly hang some bunting around the room? Creating a lovely centrepiece of your table will help your brunch to feel like a real event, too. The more effort you put into hosting your meal, the more memorable it’ll be. Plus, if you create the perfect setting, your guests are sure to take plenty of photos, which means you’ll be able to look back on the wonderful memories you’re making in years to come.

Hosting a brunch at home can be a lot of fun, and using some of the tips I’ve set out here will ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. Plus, it’ll become a memorable event that you and your nearest and dearest look back on with joy. Have the most wonderful time! 

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