How to Get Your Garden Ready for Summer 

How to Get Your Garden Ready for Summer 

Tuesday 14th May 2024 |

The sweet scent of summer is in the air, and the once dormant plants and trees in your garden have burst into vibrant life during spring.

As the weather warms, the allure of hosting barbecues and reclining on the sun lounger to bask in the sun’s rays beckons. Yet, amidst these delightful plans, it’s crucial to ensure your garden is primed for the summer months, ready to be a picturesque backdrop to your outdoor activities. 

1. Evaluate the Garden 

Take a leisurely stroll around your garden, noting the tasks that require your attention. Pay close attention to the beds and borders that need tidying and the plants that require nurturing. If you have woody plants, be vigilant for signs of rodent damage. Armed with a list of tasks, begin by tending to the hardscaping of the garden, such as repairing fences and trellises and constructing raised beds. Are your bushes encroaching on your space? If you’re planning to entertain guests over the summer, your lawns require a neat trim, and bushes need a well-deserved pruning. It’s also time to give your garden tools a thorough clean and arrange the furniture for outdoor enjoyment. Your efforts will guarantee a garden that’s ready to shine this summer. 

2. Prune and Weed 

No garden is immune to weeds, especially during summer when the heat promotes their growth. You must weed regularly to ensure the intruders don’t steal nutrients from your flowers. It’s also important to remove old branches and leaves to give room for new buds to grow. 

3. Plan a Watering Schedule 

Summer can be challenging for plants, especially if you don’t expect summer showers. The summer heat and dryness can stress out some plants, requiring regular watering and weeding to keep them healthy. Get ready for summer with a water pump for the garden to ensure your plants get sufficient moisture to remain lush and healthy. 

4. Add Colour to the Garden With Flowers 

Summer is the best time to spruce your outdoor space and add a personal touch. You can add height to flower beds or layer plants with depth. Add some colour to the outdoor space with flowers. Summer is also the best time to plant autumn-blooming perennials with vibrant colours. 

5. Attract Wildlife 

No summer garden is complete without a harmonious buzz of insects or chirping birds. That’s why it’s important to keep wildlife in mind when planning your outdoor space. Help out your garden creatures with mini projects like setting up ponds to attract insects and give birds a place to drink. Something as simple as a pile of sticks makes a great home for insects and attracts birds and hedgehogs.