How to Get Rid of Ticks in Your Home and Yard

Friday 10th Jun 2022 |

Did you know that various ticks can spread nine types of diseases? While not all ticks carry tick diseases, it’s hard to identify them from sight alone. It’s best to avoid contact with all ticks if at all possible.

Even non-dangerous ticks are pesky and sometimes painful, and tick removal isn’t always easy. We’re here to talk about how to get rid of ticks in your home and yard so you and your family don’t have to worry. Read on to learn more.

Ticks Inside of Your Home

It’s uncommon to find ticks in the home. They prefer to live in tall grass and bushes, and unless you have grass growing indoors, they won’t be comfortable there.

That said, sometimes ticks find their way indoors accidentally, and you still have to get rid of them (or better yet, prevent them from getting in in the first place).

Before you go inside after a walk with your dog, a hike, or even a few hours in your yard, check your body (and your pets) for ticks. You want to look everywhere.

When you get inside, use a full-length mirror to check again. We recommend shedding all of your clothing for your next check. Ticks can get under your arms and even around your genitals. If possible, have someone check your scalp as well.

Take a shower. Small ticks that haven’t yet latched on will be washed down the drain even with a quick rinse.

When it comes to killing ticks that you find, resist the urge to squish them. If they’re latched on, use tweezers to grab them as close to your skin as possible and pull straight upward. This reduces the chance of leaving the head embedded in your skin.

Flush the tick down the toilet.

Ticks in The Yard

This is where you’re really going to have to worry about ticks. You won’t be able to completely remove the risk of ticks, but you can take steps to keep them at bay.

First, if you have grass, keep it mowed short. Again, ticks prefer tall grass, and without it, they aren’t likely to lurk in your yard.

If you want a safe hangout area, consider setting up a gravel or concrete patio. Ticks have no interest in hard surfaces so you’re unlikely to come into contact with one on the patio.

If possible, put up a fence. Ticks can come into your yard on the backs of other animals, like deer. While a fence won’t stop all tick-carrying animals from entering your yard, it should deter some of them.

If you have a serious tick problem, contact a pest control company like They’ll spray your yard and even give you helpful advice for future tick removal.

That’s How to Get Rid of Ticks

Now that you know how to get rid of ticks, it’s time to protect your home and yard from those pesky blood-sucking invaders. Good luck and stay safe!

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