How To Avoid The Regencycore design mistakes

Saturday 15th Jun 2024 |

The allure of Regencycore is captivating once again as Bridgerton returns to grace our screens. For those passionate about this timeless trend, interior designer Julia Kendell provides essential tips on how to capture its elegance and sophistication flawlessly, without getting it wrong.

Julia Kendell, DIY SOS interior designer expert, speaker at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show (29-30 June, Sandown Park, Surrey), says:

Regency interiors featured rich colours, trimmings and ornate detailing. Elegance of proportion was a priority and the more lavish the finish, the better. As an antidote to minimalist interiors of the past few years, ‘Regencycore’ brings maximalism back with a trumpet fare.

Regencycore mistakes

How to avoid mistakes:

  1. If you don’t have high ceilings, don’t be tempted to incorporate curtain pelmets and overhead bed drapes as the room proportions won’t allow it. Instead, elongate the look with floor to ceiling curtains and fit trimmings to the leading edges of curtains to extend the feeling of height. 
  2. Layered patterns and colours created the rich look of Regency interior, but to keep the scheme looking up to date, limit the colour palette to two complementary colours. Choose silks, velvet and chenille as the main players.
  3. Every detail needs to fit the brief. Don’t imagine you can have a bookcase full of modern paperback books and get away with it! 
  4. Regency furniture was predominately dark wood, either mahogany or rosewood. Bear in mind these will absorb light and darken your room considerably so adjust the colour scheme accordingly. 
  5. And finally, bare walls simply won’t do. It has to be wallpaper, preferably highly patterned and with gilded accents, or decorative mouldings.​
Regencycore mistakes

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