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How Do Urine Drug Tests Work and How To Get It

Friday 08th Dec 2023 |

What is a drug test kit

For the past couple of years, many countries have made it a requirement for their employees to work in conditions that are rid of people who are under the influence of different substances. For this reason, the Human Resource (HR) departments of many companies made the decision to make drug tests a requirement to provide their company‚Äôs culture with a safe working environment. So, nowadays, an individual will find many companies, especially in the United Kingdom, where providing a drug test result is considered to be a requirement as an employee. 

Since taking a drug test is considered to be expensive if done on a regular basis, new innovative products have been introduced where people are able to take drug tests from the comfort of their homes at reasonable prices. For instance, people who are required to provide periodic drug tests to their managers have started to use urine analysis kits, where they need to provide a certain amount of urine to get the drug test results. However, there are two types of urine drug tests: one, where people need to insert their urine inside a small device, which will give them the test result after a couple of minutes; the second one, where people are required to send their urine samples back to a company, and after a couple of results get the results. 

Whichever method a person uses to obtain the required results, these types of drug tests are considered to be more affordable compared to getting the drug test results from a medical institution. 

Different types of drug test kits

As mentioned, nowadays, people are able to find different types of drug test kits, all of which are considered to be effective methods of obtaining drug test results. Aside from the urine analysis drug test kits, there is the Oral swab drug test kit, where users are required to use the oral swab to get some of their saliva onto the oral swab and send the kit back to get an analysis of their drug test.

On the other hand, there are also drug test kits where people are required to take some of their sweat and insert it into the device. After a couple of minutes, the device will show a positive or negative sign, which will indicate whether the person is under the influence of substances or not. 

Similarly, to get more immediate and accurate results from the tests, many people have also started to use a blood test kit, where they will need to pluck their fingers to get a couple of drops of their blood into the device. 

Advantages of using drug test kits

Even though there are numerous benefits associated with using different types of drug test kits, for instance, using a Mouth swab drug test kit allows people to get drug test results quickly without putting much effort into the testing process, using a urine drug test kit allows people the most benefits. 

When using a urinal drug test kit, the only thing that people are required to put effort into is staying hydrated in order to get the right amount of urine sample needed for the test. On the other hand, by using a urine drug test kit, people have the advantage of taking the test a couple of times to avoid false positive or false negative results. 

Additionally, the urinal drug test detects the drugs easily, allowing people a convenient method of obtaining the results from their drug test. 

How Does the Urine Drug Test Work:

1- Collecting urine sample

As mentioned before, firstly, you will need to provide the right amount of urine sample in order to get the drug test results. Thus, in order to collect the urine sample, be sure to drink a lot of water before taking the test.

2- Sending the urine sample for a drug test analysis

After drinking a lot of water, be sure to use the plastic cup that comes with the test kit to know the amount of urine that is needed for the test. In other words, when opening the test kit, you will see all the products that are needed to provide the sample; thus, be sure to follow the instruction manual and proceed with the steps. 

However, be sure to understand that different brands of testing kits might require some additional steps in the process; hence, be sure to read the manual prior to completing the test.

3- Getting the different results obtained from the analysis

Finally, when sending the urine sample back for analysis, some brands provide people with the opportunity to choose which specific type of drug they want to get the test done on. In other words, you will have the opportunity to request to get the drug test done on a specific drug since many companies have also made it a requirement to test certain types of substances.


In conclusion, there are numerous substitutes available that people can use in order to get the required drug test results. Thus, be sure to use the most fitted type to obtain the results.