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Thursday 03rd Feb 2022 |

Rowse Honey, the UK’s favourite honey brand, has launched its new Squeeze Collective – a team of top British chefs and foodies – including influencers, stylists, writers and teachers – who have all developed a selection of heavenly dishes which highlight the taste-wonder that is honey.

The Rowse Squeeze Collective has created nine easy-to-make breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes – all of which include a squeeze of bee-licious honey from the Rowse range. Featured dishes include a winter-warming Slow-Cooked Lamb Shoulder with Organic Honey from former River Cottage head chef Gill Meller and a Honey-Glazed Ham Salad from chef James Golding.

Each recipe has been written to showcase the diversity of honey in cooking and baking and inspire home cooks to help the bees by supporting Rowse and its Hives for Lives program of vital initiatives.

Rowse Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Samantha MacNamara, said:

“The Squeeze Collective brings together some of the best talent in the British food scene showcasing the flavours and versatility of honey, all with the common purpose of raising awareness of declining bee populations and the urgent need to protect them. 

“Our ambition at Rowse is to help people connect with nature through bees and honey. Every bottle and jar of honey we sell helps protect bees and beekeepers right now and for future generations.”


Gill Meller’s Slow-Cooked Lamb Shoulder with Rowse Organic Honey

Gill Miller’s slow-cooked lamb recipe uses Rowse Organic Honey, saffron, and preserved lemons to create a rich, tender, and warming dish.

“In this recipe, I’m pairing the lamb up with salty, sour preserved lemons, fudgy dates, a good pinch of saffron, and a generous squeeze of Rowse Organic Honey. The honey has got such a natural affinity with all these flavours, rounding them off and bringing them together.” – Gill Meller

Jackson Boxer’s Dark & Rich Honey Chicken Thighs

This recipe stays within a long tradition of English cookery, using honey, cider, salt pork and turnips, all magnificent winter ingredients indigenous to the UK.

“I absolutely adore cooking with honey. Its deep resonant complexity offers a completely unique vehicle for dark caramel and herbaceous tones, and is a great foil for sour and complex flavours.” – Jackson Boxer 

James Golding’s Rowse Honey-Glazed Ham Salad

For those looking for a healthy January brunch option, James Golding’s Red Chicory and Honey-Glazed Ham Salad with Toasted Walnuts and Honey Vinaigrette is sure to be a big hit.

“The ham hock gives a fantastic salty and smoky element, which works in perfect combination with a Rowse Runny Honey mustard glaze. The bitter chicory cuts through the richness with the earthy walnuts and zingy dressing. It really is the perfect dish!” – James Golding

Melissa Thompson’s Smoked Honey Shortribs

Fans of Caribbean-style cooking will love Melissa’s quick and tasty shortrib recipe with Rowse’s new Smokey Fusion Honey.

“This recipe has got everything you could want from a smokey, winter dinner. It’s sweet, it’s savoury, it has a little heat and just a whole lot of flavour from the garlic, black pepper in the Rowse Smokey Fusion Honey.” – Melissa Thompson

James Strawbridge’s Honey-Glazed Salmon Benedict

Cornish chef and author James Strawbridge teaches us about the genius of pairing seafood with honey, in his version of a breakfast benedict. Perfect for a leisurely breakfast or hearty brunch, the dish features honey-glazed salmon, curly kale and a velvety, rich, herby Hollandaise sauce.

“The Rowse Light and Mild honey works wonderfully with seafood cookery and glazing this wild salmon brings out all of its inherent delicate flavour.” – James Strawbridge

Rajiv KC’s Nepali Cauliflower Steak in Honey and Mixed Spices

Showcasing vegetarian street food at its best, Rajiv KC, founder of Nepalese London pop up Rajiv’s Kitchen, serves up a storm with his Nepali cauliflower steak marinated in Rowse Acacia Honey, mixed spices and pomegranate.

“Cauliflower is such a versatile vegetable regardless of the misconception of it being a boring one. Because it’s a blank canvas, you can add different layers of flavours. Rowse Acacia honey is medium sweet and very mild in taste with a subtle floral note to it, which gives this dish sweetness without overpowering. The hint of vanilla flavour in the honey blends so well with the strong spice mix used marinade.” – Rajiv AC

Ginger and Manuka Honey shrub

Another highlight is Kylee Newton’s Ginger and Manuka Honey shrub. Known for her popular book The Modern Preserver, Kylee demonstrates how easy it is to create a healthy tincture at home using just four ingredients.

“This is not only a great way of getting a daily dose of the healing benefits that Rowse Manuka Honey brings to one’s daily needs, your tastebuds will also be delighted with the rich, herbal and caramel back notes.” – Kylee Newton (The Modern Preserver)

Coconut, Blackberry and Rowse British Heather Max Honey Breakfast Bars

For a quick and delicious on-the-go breakfast, food writer and food stylist Amanda James shares her recipe for the perfect breakfast bar. Using the Rowse’s new British Heather Max Honey, these bars are a source of manganese, helping with healthy bones and energy production*.

“Rowse British Heather Max Honey gives these bars a natural sweetness and a gentle caramel flavour. They’re sure to give you plenty of energy throughout the day as part of a healthy diet and immune system.” – Amanda James

Does He Bake Dough’s No-Knead Focaccia Sandwich with Rowse Chilli Fusion

Instagram baking sensation Michael Pozerskis (@DoesHeBakeDough) has come up with a no-knead, no-hassle focaccia recipe for bread lovers, which can be ready in just four hours. The fluffy focaccia features Rowse’s new Chilli Fusion honey, and is loaded with mortadella ham, burrata, rocket, and more Chilli Fusion.

“This dish is inspired by my recent trip to Southern Italy where focaccia forms the basis of all great lunches. The easy-to-make focaccia offers an incredibly soft, airy bread, with a great amount of strength, which makes it perfect for sandwiches! The sweet and spicy kick of the Chilli Fusion honey brings it all to life, cutting through the softness of the bread and the cheese, creating an intense flavour that will leave your mouth watering.” – Michael Pozerskis


Speaking of the Squeeze Collective, MacNamara continues:

“Bees are essential to our ecosystem because they pollinate a huge range of flowers, helping them to grow and reproduce. As many as three out of four crops that produce food for us to eat are dependent on pollinators. The excess food that they produce also provides us with one of our nation’s favourite ingredients: delicious honey.

“Unfortunately, our buzzing buddies need our help as they face a combined threat of rapid urbanisation, climate change and pesticides.

“With every squeeze of Rowse honey, we want to remind people of how precious our bee populations are and encourage them to take action. That can be supporting brands like Rowse, who are committed to protecting bees through our Hives for Lives initiative, or through small but significant acts like planting more nectar rich flowers or building a bee hotel...for more hints and tips on how to protect the bees you can visit our new website”


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