Home Hacks; Keep your home smelling fresher for longer during lockdown

Thursday 21st Jan 2021 |

As we endure a third national lockdown, we’re spending most (if not all) of our time at home.

This, combined with the colder weather, is creating problems for many of us like hard-to-shift indoor odours and bad air quality.

To help keep your home smelling fresher for longer, the home fragrance experts at Lifestyle Packaging have put together their top tips and tricks…and many of them don’t cost a penny.

Home Hacks – Hinch it

It can be tempting to spend lockdown snuggled up in a blanket watching Netflix and skip the housework.

But with everyone spending more time indoors, our homes are getting dirtier, quicker and left for too long, this can cause bad odours to build up and impact our respiratory health.

So, take inspiration from the queen of clean, Mrs Hinch and use some of your new-found time to get on top of chores and do those deep clean jobs you’ve been putting off. 

Home Hacks – Encourage air flow

When it’s so cold and wet, opening your windows may seem counterproductive but it’s really important to introduce fresh air into your home and encourage air flow. It can also help to neutralise odours.

Home Hacks

Find a time when the temperature isn’t too low to open up windows on each floor, keeping internal doors open too to air out your house. Try to keep your bedroom door open at night too.

Air-purifying snake plants, spider plants and aloe vera can also help to boost indoor air quality the natural way.

Home Hacks – Simple kitchen tricks

No doubt one of the busiest areas in your home as you prepare more meals than normal and experiment with new recipes, the kitchen is one of the trickiest rooms to keep smelling fresh.

Home Hacks

Opt for citrus-based fresh scents like lemon, lime, grapefruit and tangerine which can neutralise unsavoury smells. If you have an open-plan kitchen that’s shared with a living or dining room, a spray may be the best option to keep things smelling fresh but without overwhelming the different spaces.

If your food bin is smelling foul, cut a slice of lemon and place it on the scraps. The cleansing power of citric acid will help to break down these odours. Vinegar is also another savvy kitchen staple that can cut through cooking smells. Once you’ve eaten your meal, boil a pan of water with a couple of tablespoons of vinegar and let the steam fill the room.

For fridges, leave a small cup of baking powder at the back of the shelf to neutralise foul smells.

Home Hacks – Dry damp clothing

Residual dampness is the enemy of fresh indoor air, so make sure any outdoor wear has the space to dry out before putting it away. If you get really soaked, put coats in the dryer or hang them in the shower or over a bath. Keep footwear near radiators before storing them away and remove any large clumps of mud.

Avoid piling coats footwear on top of one another when they’re still damp. Spread them out so the air can circulate and dry them faster.

If you prefer to hang your washing loads to dry, consider investing in a heated drying rack to speed to process up and minimise damp smells.

Home Hacks – Use essential oils in your bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, bad smells are inevitable. To help eliminate them, diffusers with essential oil diffusers are the best option to purify the air and eradicate airborne bacteria.

Home Hacks

Using the power of natural scents, opt for ginger, peppermint or eucalyptus oils to create a spa-like experience or try breezier scents which remind you of the seaside like sea salt, seaweed and driftwood.

Remember to turn the reeds upside down if your diffuser is losing strength to reveal the scent-soaked ends.

It’s also important to make sure you get fresh air into the room to prevent mould and mildew, through vents, windows and keeping the internal door open when not in use.

Home Hacks – Don’t forget upholstery

Any kind of upholstery is a magnet for odours and bacteria, particularly if you have pets.

Wash any throws and cushion covers at least once a month – but check manufacturer’s instructions first. Odour-eliminating sprays can also help you keep soft furnishings smelling fresh if you’re not able to wash them.

For carpets, clean up spills quickly to avoid smells lingering. You can also sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet – let it sit for a few before hoovering. The same method can be used for pet beds and mattresses.  

By Rich Quelch, Global Head of Marketing, Lifestyle Packaging

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