Hiking in LAAX; Picturesque trails for 2021

Monday 15th Mar 2021 |

Discover Alpine Flora, Whirlpools and Canyons, the Swiss region has launched three new hiking routes, designed to inspire and delight those who’ve embraced walking during lockdown

The UK has gone walking mad throughout the pandemic, with 59% of adults using their daily activity to go for a walk in the first lockdown according to Sport England.

For those who’ve worn their local pavements down, and want to take their walks and hikes  to pastures new this summer and autumn, LAAX, one of the most picturesque mountain resorts in Switzerland, has launched a selection of new specialist guided tours, so all visitors can enjoy the local beauty and get in their daily steps.

LAAX’s new guided hikes have been specially planned to suit every preference, from mountainous strolls observing the wildlife, to blood pumping hikes, all of which make the most of the varied natural landscape, offering something for everyone.

Here are five of LAAX’s top hikes to take in 2021:


NEW: Birds in the Hedgerow Landscape

On this short one and a half hour walk through the hedgerow landscape of Falera, twitchers and birdwatching novices will be able to spot a variety of local birds, including  the wren, robin and blackbird. They say the early bird catches the worm, and the birds in LAAX are particularly active early in the morning, which is the best time to hear their distinctive songs. On the way, wildlife ecologist and ranger Murièle Jonglez will teach walkers the key characteristics of each species, their song and their habitat.

Walk duration: One and a half hours. 5-8 km. 

NEW: Trutg dil Flem – Unique Canyon Landscape

Hike from Naraus to Flims along the wild and twisting mountain stream, Flem. This award-winning hiking trail features boldly constructed bridges and an impressive diversity of nature that will pique interest throughout the walk. On the way, the GeoGuide will point out the gorges, whirlpools, ancient erosion, and provide a wealth of history and context. Be sure to bring a camera along, as here and there visitors can glimpse views of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sardona.

Walk duration: Approximately four and a half hours. 12.5 km

Hiking in LAAX – NEW: Alpine Flora at Segnesboden

The colourful flowers of the Alps are a welcome sight for all hikers and nature photographers. With biologist Hans Conrad, walkers can take a closer look at the small local varieties, learn about the interconnected relationships among species, listen to how they grow on different rocks and in harsh climates and how they migrated to the Alps after the last ice age. 

Walk duration: three hours. 5 km

Hiking in LAAX – FAMILY FAVOURITE: On the Way With the Mushroom Connoisseur

Ever wondered if the mushroom you spot while out on a walk is a toxic toadstool or an edible variety? Taking visitors through LAAX’s beautiful woods, the Mushroom Inspector will give handy survival tips and tricks on how to correctly identify, collect and prepare local mushrooms. Perfect for little legs, with approximately 30 minutes of walking with plenty of stops, there’s plenty to keep kids busy. 

Walk duration: 30 mins. 3-5km.

Hiking in LAAX – LAAX FAVOURITE: Foray into the Forest

Ideal for nature-lovers keen to explore LAAX’s local wildlife, hikers will go on a game drive hike with gamekeeper Gieri Derungs. With a bit of luck, red deer, chamois and marmots can be observed in their natural habitat. This excursion in October leads to the remote Val da Siat to watch deer during the famous rutting season. Binoculars are provided, so all attendees can view these protected animals from a respectful distance.