Hidden Costs Of Renovating

Friday 17th Sep 2021 |

Renovating and seeing your vision come to life can be an exciting time but, although you already have your budget, there are many additional costs which can crop up at any time.

Richard Petrie, home expert at Thomas Sanderson, shares some of the hidden costs to consider when renovating your home. 

Hidden Costs Of Renovating – Your electricity bill

This additional expense is often forgotten but with tools being charged and plugged in constantly and with several more people using your home, you’ll be using much more electricity than usual.  Don’t be surprised if your bills rise during this time but if you allow for this additional expense before you start, you won’t be caught out by it. 

Hidden Costs Of Renovating – Protecting your garden 

Even if you are not planning to change anything in your garden, builders and workers may need to utilise your outdoor space for storage or for a skip. There may be costs to consider to temporarily protect any outdoor furniture, your paving or your plants whilst the work is carried out.

Hidden Costs Of Renovating – Patching up damage 

During your renovation, people will be walking through your house with tools, ladders and rubbish. It is good to save some money for patching up chips in furniture or applying a fresh coat of paint to your walls once all the work has finished. 

Hidden Costs Of Renovating – Unexpected structural defects

At any stage of renovating, you may discover unforeseen issues that need resolving before any work can continue. Mould, water damage and rot are a few common issues and can cause delays which require additional time and money to fix.

Hidden Costs Of Renovating – Planning permission

Whilst minor renovations like sheds and loft conversions don’t always need planning permission it is always worth checking with your local authority. Most new structures and changes will be subject to building regulations so If you fail to get the necessary approval before starting your work, you could be ordered to undo all the changes you’ve made.

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