Helping Loved Ones Who Are Struggling Financially: Our Guide  

Wednesday 03rd Nov 2021 |

If someone you love is barely scraping by, it can be a challenging ordeal to see them in such a state. Naturally, you would be inclined to help them however you can.  

However, this situation can be tough to navigate, especially if money is involved. After all, not everybody is comfortable lending funds, and there are many taboos in place when it comes to talking about personal finances. It can be tough to make progress here with so many barriers in place. 

There are many ways to help a loved one who’s struggling financially. We’ve listed some of them for you.  

Helping Loved Ones Who Are Struggling Financially – Recommend Great Services 

If your loved one’s financial situation is poor, they may have trouble staying in touch. They may feel isolated with their woes, or they might even not be able to afford a phone.  

However, services like AcceptPhones have a great range of affordable phones that are as good as anything you’d find in a Samsung Carphone Warehouse. Whether it’s the Samsung A51 or the S20 FE, these pay-monthly deals are highly affordable, and they’re available to those with bad credit. Recommend these services, and your loved one will find the right mobile option quickly.  

Of course, suggestions such as these are a great way to significantly help the person you care about without breaking into your bank. Remember, smartphones are handy tools. Know that with their device, they’ll be able to apply for jobs, be contacted by potential employers, and schedule their time with alarms and calendars. Put simply, it could change everything for them.  

Helping Loved Ones Who Are Struggling Financially – Monitor Their Behaviour  

Financial problems aren’t just figures on a spreadsheet. These genuine issues can translate to your loved one’s behaviour.  

Try to monitor their well-being closely and note any shifts in their mood and conduct. Are they drinking more regularly than usual? Are they gambling excessively to try and turn things around? Could they be withdrawing from those who care about them most? Gently ask questions and be attentive to the answers.  

If you do notice any changes, you should endeavour to be as compassionate as possible. Offer your company, and try to integrate them into regular life as much as possible. Invite them to social occasions, undergo gym sessions together, and keep them in a proactive and positive mindset. After that, a stronger financial recovery is more likely.  

Helping Loved Ones Who Are Struggling Financially – Look for Job Openings  

Financial problems can drain people’s spirits and motivation. If your loved one has a low income or no income, offering to boost their prospects could help. 

Consider your loved one’s skill set and experience and how work can be therapeutic. Make a few internal enquiries at your workplace to see if there are any vacated positions they could fill. You could ask other contacts if any job openings are available at their places of work too.  

Of course, you could lend money to your loved one. However, there’s no way of knowing if the one-off payment will resolve their issues or lead to you further funding their lifestyle at later dates. A new or better job will give the person you care about a more reliable source of income, so try to come through for them here if possible. Consider that work can be therapeutic and stimulating.  

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