Healthy Snacks for a Less Stressful Lockdown

Friday 29th Jan 2021 |

Constantly trying to rustle up nutritional yet tasty snacks (and the odd treat) for the whole household can be rather time consuming. There is nothing wrong with taking a couple of shortcuts.

If having something on hand in the cupboard keeps the hunger pangs and the hungry kids at bay……fill your boots (and your cupboards) we say….

Healthy Snacks – Katie’s Food Co Banana crisps 

100% natural, vegan, gluten free and one of your five a day. These banana crisps are the prefect snack for healthy eaters. Available from Wholefoods Market and Amazon. RRP £1.49.

Healthy Snacks – Lentil Bites

Delicious low fat and under 99 calorie a bag snack. Made from lentil flour they offer a slow energy release and bags of flavour. Available from Asda, Holland & Barratt and RRP 80p a bag

Healthy Snacks – Protein Ball Co.

100% natural and gluten free protein balls with no added sugar. Choose from high protein or the plant based range. Packed with fibre and protein for a snack that is tasty and filling. Buy from Waitrose, Ocado, Morrisons and Amazon. RRP from £1.59

Healthy Snacks – Doughlicious Lite Bites 

Delicious protein and fibre packed cookie dough bites. Vegan, 100% natural and gluten free they are perfect to stave off sweet cravings. Available from RRP £1.99

Healthy Snacks – Munchy Seeds

All-natural and gluten free seed mixes. Packed with protein and vitamins, they are the perfect nutritious snack. Available from Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Waitrose and RRP from 80p.

Healthy Snacks – Shaken Other 

Delicious plant-based coconut milk shakes that are perfect as a mid-morning pick me up or brekkie solution. Available in chocolate and strawberry flavours they are low in fat and sugar and under 200 calories a bottle. Available from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. RRP £1.69.

Healthy Snacks – Rollasnax

Healthy Snacks

Made from 100% natural ingredients, vegan and gluten free, there are three products in this range in a variety of sweet and salty flavours. They are very much a homemade trail mix and are perfect for those that want control over what ingredients they are putting in their body but don’t have the time to bake or create from scratch

Healthy Snacks – Eatlean Nibbles

Healthy Snacks

Eatlean’s 100% natural cheese is developed to help with weight loss and diet plans for a leaner, healthier lifestyle, with 90% less fat and 45% more protein than regular cheese.  Committed to putting cheese back on the menu, Eatlean answers the prayers of cheese fans who are looking to cut down calories without cutting out their favourite food, with products ranging from their classic take on a traditional Cheddar, to Eatlean Spreadable Cheese and its NEW selection of Nibbles. 

Mini Babybel Original

Mini Babybel Original, which contains high amounts of calcium and is a great source of protein.  They are made from natural cheese, and naturally lactose and sugar free. An Original Babybel contains 60kcal per portion, and a Mini Babybel Light contains 42kcal.

Healthy Snacks

Babybel is a fun and convenient snack that come perfectly portioned. A 20g Babybel serving contains 61 calories and 30% less fat than cheddar, and our reduced fat, Babybel Light contains only 42 calories making it very popular with dieters.  They can also be melted in the microwave for 30 seconds and eaten with healthy crudites for another snack idea – yum!

Laughing Cow

Healthy Snacks

The Laughing Cow Original comes in perfectly portioned triangles, and are smooth and tasty, as well as spreadable on a sandwich or cracker.  Each triangle contains 42kcal, and a The Laughing Cow Light triangle contains just 25kcal.  They are a great source of calcium, a source of protein and contain no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives added. 

Barebells – Crave Raves on this range

I mean, who doesn’t want a healthier alternative to a chocolate bar to grab, when they’re stuck at home?!  There’s even a vegan range, for anyone looking to increase their plant-power 🙂
15-20g of protein per bar. Nine delicious flavours. All sugar free.

Low in saturated fat, these hand-baked sourdough bites have 60% less fat than regular potato crisps and are less than 100 calories per serving (26g), making them the perfect healthier snack.

Peter’s Yard’s Sour Dough Bites

Inspired by Peter’s Yard’s award-winning sourdough crispbreads, the new Sourdough Bites range are now available in Waitrose stores (all three flavours) and Sainsbury’s(Suffolk Cyder Vinegar & Sea Salt and West Country Sour Cream & Chive).

Priced at £2.00 (RRP) per sharing bag (90g).

Crazy Jack  Dried Mango

Product name: Crazy Jack Dried Mango (40g)

Product description: Produced as nature intended, the range includes Dried Mango (40g) – which is under 100kcals a pack and fits well within Government guidelines to eat low calorie snacks. Price: 79p

Craving something fruity?