Healthy Skin Through The Clock Change

Thursday 21st Oct 2021 |

“Spring forward, fall back.” You probably breathed a sigh of relief when you realised you’ll be gaining an ‘extra’ hour following the clock change on 31st October (unless you’re the parent of a small child, in which case – crack open the coffee and continue as normal).

But if you thought an additional hour in bed came with a side serving of brighter eyes and a more radiant complexion, you can think again, heres how to keep Healthy Skin Through The Clock Change

Research shows that adjusting the time by just one hour can have a significant effect on our circadian rhythm – our body’s natural 24-hour cycle that regulates everything from mood to appetite. Yes, you might clock up some extra snooze time on the Sunday night but after that, thanks to darker evenings and lighter mornings, you’ll probably begin to notice a disruption in your slumber, particularly if you’re already practicing poor sleep habits.

And with studies showing our circadian rhythm also plays an important role in skin health, the clock change can have a knock-on effect on your complexion, too.

Healthy Skin Through The Clock Change – Here’s how to minimise the impact…

Healthy Skin Through The Clock ChangeTo soothe tired peepers: Dry eyes can worsen when you’re overtired but the clever Peep Club Instant Relief Dry Eye Spray, £15, comforts and cossets immediately. Simply close your eyes and apply one pump to hydrate both inside and out.

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Healthy Skin Through The Clock ChangeTo tackle mood shifts: If the disruption’s impacting your emotions, turn to Tisserand Aromatherapy’s powerful toolkit. The Energy Boost Pulse Point Roller Ball, £7.50, uses orange, lime and grapefruit to supercharge energy levels while Real Calm Bath and Shower Wash, £13, is designed to ease anxieties. Then veil Sleep Better Pillow Mist, £11, over your bedding come evening.

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Healthy Skin Through The Clock ChangeTo bust fatigue-induced dullness: Consider Faace Tired Mask, £24, the skincare equivalent of a shot of espresso. Boasting a medley of turbo-action ingredients, such as caffeine, vitamin C and lactic acid, the carefully-curated formula quickly brightens, hydrates and smoothes. Leave it on as a mask for five minutes, 20 minutes or overnight; or apply a thin layer as a primer.

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