Fabulous feet: An expert guide

Wednesday 28th Jul 2021 |

Summer is officially on the cards this year now that lockdown restrictions are being eased and restaurants, bars and clubs start to re-open.

Whether you are ‘wining and dining’ at your favourite restaurant, cocktail-sipping at a rooftop bar or daylight dancing at a festival, this summer will be amazing.

Hopefully, the weather will be equally great and (whisper it) before we know it we’ll be hopping on a plane with a beach bag and flip flops at the ready. We all know what that means – getting out your summer wardrobe, or even better, treating yourself to the latest summer styles!  

If you’re having that ‘OMG’ feeling about getting your feet out and you’ve got a hot ticket to a party – you’re not alone! Read these top tips from expert podiatrist Dina Gohil to conquer your footcare fears… 

Fabulous feet – Feet focused  

It can be daunting facing up to the fact we now have to get out of the house and make ourselves look half presentable, but let’s make it something to look forward to. Have a think about those new nail shades you can check out or how you’ve finally got a good reason to sort out those roots. This will help to boost your mood and confidence. 

We’ve all been the victim of lockdown feet in our slippers 24/7, so now’s the time to get into a footcare routine to ensure your feet are looking fabulous in your new heels, sandals, or flip flops! Ditch dry dead skin and bring your feet out of hibernation with at-home pedicure treatment Footner Exfoliating Socks. Pop them on and relax for 60 minutes, and within just 7-10 days any hard, dead skin on your feet will have peeled away, revealing a layer of soft, smooth and rejuvenated skin beneath. This is the perfect product to use alongside a facemask on your self-care Sunday and will leave you ready to strut your stuff with style and confidence as you head out this spring. With summer finally here this is the perfect opportunity to sort out anything you’re unhappy with about your feet’s appearance, or any aches and pains you are feeling. At home treatments can be a life-saver to help rejuvenate your feet quickly. If the problem is more serious, please seek help from a podiatrist – there is nothing to be embarrassed about. 

fabulous feet

Fabulous feet – Summer vibes  

 Take advantage of the warmer weather and let your feet breathe! Wearing lightweight shoes such as flip flops, sliders or sandals lets moisture escape, which left trapped can cause unwanted conditions such as fungal nails or athlete’s foot.Although very common, discoloured nails from nail fungus can have a psychological impact for men and women alike, who feel self-conscious about revealing their bare feet.  Try Nailner 2in1 – which uses a dual action, one to treat the nail and one to brighten. Another popular health and wellbeing trend that has emerged in recent times is grounding, or in other words – barefoot walking. Our feet are home to a collection of nerve endings so in taking off your shoes and walking on textured surfaces like grass, your feet are provided with a pleasurable sensation as well as being naturally exfoliated. Remember, if you try out grounding make sure to stick to safe outdoor surfaces to avoid injury!

Fabulous feet – The shoe scene  

Once you have taken steps to make your feet look fabulous it’s time to show them off in some gorgeous new open-toed shoes. Pastel sandals, sports sandals, slingback fluffy sandals, strappy heels/sandals, flatforms and lots more. Check out your favourite online stores or have a browse in the shops (yes, we can do that now!) to check out what is new on the shoe scene.  

Although we love flaunting our feet, we need to remember that hot weather can also cause dryness, meaning cracks may appear unless we keep them moisturised. Try CCS Foot Cream or Heel Balm – the best kept Scandi beauty secret used by podiatrists like myself for over 40 years. The Swedish formula contains urea, a moisturiser naturally occurring in the human body which helps reinvigorate the skin and keep it soft and supple. 

Summer skincare