Hair Products for your Dry Scalp

Thursday 20th May 2021 |

We moisturise the rest of our skin, so why not give our scalp the same care and attention?

Soothe your dry scalp with our round up of moisture rich hair products to ease discomfort, irritation and flakes.

“Scalp pruritis, known as itchy scalp is a common condition but miserable for the sufferer. Dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis are the most common causes. Medicated products that either contain coal tar, salicylic acid, climbazole or ketoconazole help to descale the scalp and may in turn soothe the itch.” Paula Oliver, dermatologist nurse.

Hair Products for your Dry Scalp – Balneum Dry Skin and Itchy Scalp Relief Shampoo 

Balneum is an expert therapeutic skincare range providing end to end skincare for the whole family. Designed with your skincare needs in mind to soothe, hydrate and relieve itchy, dry skin, helping you to live life to the fullest. The active ingredients provide long-lasting moisturisation and fast-acting itch relief whilst boosting, balancing and restoring natural oils to relieve dry skin.

Hair Products for your Dry Scalp – Westlab’s Dead Sea Salts, RRP £5.99

The Dead Sea Salts are the perfect solution for a scalp exfoliant as they create a great natural scalp scrub. With a blend of sodium and sulphur, the salts create a gentle abrasive which buffs away dead layers of the skin and rebalances the scalp through the soothing and deep cleansing agent. Simply mix a small handful of salts with your regular shampoo and massage the mixture into the scalp before rinsing thoroughly. This will help improve the circulation of blood and strengthening the hair follicles for healthy hair growth. Post-wash, hair will be left feeling beachy and more voluminous.

Hair Products for your Dry Scalp – Urtekram Brown Sugar Shampoo for Dry Scalp, RRP £6.69

Sugar is renown for its soothing and anti-inflammatory effects, helping to keep scalps in balance. Urtekram’s Brown Sugar shampoo uses plenty of golden cane sugar crystals as well as soothing aloe vera, to give a soft foam and providing extra care for the scalp. Perfect for those who suffer with a dry scalp and dandruff, the shampoo has a moisturising formula with care in mind.

Hair Products for your Dry Scalp – Sanex Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

This is a gentle shampoo with wheat protein and antibacterial agent that cleanses the hair to remove dandruff and restore the scalp’s pH balance. The dermatologically tested and pH balanced formula can be used on all hair types and is designed for everyday use, helping to restore the natural moisture of the hair and soothe the scalp.

Hair Products for your Dry Scalp – MONAT Scalp Purifying Scrub – £48

An innovative 2-in-1 scrub and shampoo that uses apple cider vinegar, AHAs, and sugar to gently exfoliate the surface of your scalp and hair, breaks down and dissolves dead skin cells, tackles sebum and stubborn product build up, and environmental pollutants.  MONAT Scalp Purifying Scrub also uses purifying pink clay to deep clean and purify your hair and scalp, and is infused with the innovative REJUVENIQE™, which helps to rebalance moisturisation and creates fullness to your hair.

Hair Products for your Dry Scalp – MONAT Purifying Vinegar Shampoo

This high-performance gentle shampoo infused with apple cider vinegar and potent AHAs, helps break down and dissolve skin cells, dissolves sebum or stubborn product build up, and environmental pollutants that can cause lacklustre hair colour and style.  Cleansing and purifying your hair and scalp, MONAT Purifying Vinegar Shampoo will reduce excess oil to restore balance to your scalp, maximise shine, add bounce, create a smoother finish, whilst also helping extend time between washes.

OSMO Scalp Therapy Detoxifying Shampoo

Designed to provide a deep clean and remove impurities that can weigh hair down and leave it lifeless. This ultimate detox fix leaves both hair and scalp feeling refreshed and revived.  Infused with Rosemary and Tea Tree extract, it hydrates and helps promote a healthy scalp. OSMODetoxify Shampoo is gentle, yet effective, at reducing product build-up leaving hair feeling clean and healthy.


Vegan, organic haircare brand, EveryGreen has been formulated alongside trichology expertise so all the range is scalp friendly, including the styling and professional vegan colour ranges. Specifically they also have an Anti-Dandruff range which is really gentle that includes natural extracts of ORGANIC ROSEHIP OIL* (*organically farmed), RICE PROTEIN and BURDOCK EXTRACT combined with PIROCTONE OLAMINE to offer a sebum-balancing, purifying and soothing solution to dandruff. 

Anti Dandruff Shampoo – £14.50, 500ml. Anti Dandruff Treatment – £14.50, 100ml 

Vita Coco Scalp

Don’t be a flake! Try Vita Coco’s soothing coconut and guava range. Together, this dynamic duo provides an anti-inflammatory effect to help maintain a calmed scalp enhanced by the tropical coconut and guava scent. Up to 100% flake-free? Vita Coco has cracked it.

Vita Coco Scalp Shampoo, £9.99.

Coconut water + guava = a cleansed (and delicious smelling) scalp that’s up to 100% flake-free. The secret? Vita Coco’s power combo provides a soothing and anti- inflammatory effect that reduces irritation with conditioning aloe leaf juice. Forget flakes, hello fun!

Vita Coco Scalp Conditioner, £9.99.

It’s that word you hate but your hair loves… moist! Vita Coco’s Anti-Dandruff Conditioner with coconut and guava moisturises the hair and nourishes the scalp while wonder ingredient, organic coconut oil, keeps your scalp and hair moist, leaving you with a soft and shiny finish.

Vita Coco Scalp Scrub, £12.99.

Think body scrub…but for hair! Vita Coco’s Anti-Dandruff Scalp Scrub features natural particles of walnut and coconut shell powder and pineapple extract to help gently exfoliate that flaky scalp, leaving hair and scalp feeling instantly refreshed! Happy scalp, happy you!

Copaiba Vanilla Shampoo £29.45

Plant-based, safe and environmentally responsible, Copaiba Vanilla Moisturizing Shampoo is a rich hydrating cleanse for dry or damaged hair.

Copaiba Vanilla Conditioner £29.45

Plant-based, safe and environmentally responsible, Copaiba Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner is a rich hydrating conditioner for dry or damaged hair.

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