Hair Heroes for Autumn

Monday 04th Oct 2021 |

I don’t know about you but the season changes play havoc with my hair. The sudden drop in temperature this month seems to have sent my hair into a tizz.

Frizzy, dry and difficult to manage is is my hairs middle name. Does your hair need a hero this autumn? I gotchu.


Holy Lama Naturals Herbal Hair Oil is a rich Ayurvedic treat which enables healthy growth of hair. It is a blend of cold-pressed coconut oil, sesame oil, and indigofera extract, further enriched with vitamin E, jojoba oil, tea tree oil and essential oils of cedar wood, galangal, cypreol and vetivert.

ByErim, the luxury 100% natural and vegan hair oil that’s taken Instagram by storm. 

The brainchild of Sikh Influencer Erim Kaur, following their launch in late 2019, ByErim has made over 50,000 sales worldwide and over £1.5 million in revenue within its first year, making it one of the top 5 selling hair oils in the UK.

Formulated with 8 pure oils, ByErim is designed to improve moisture and long-term hair health.  100% natural and free from harmful parabens or artificial colourants, and a rich source of Vitamin E to reverse the dulling effects of dust and pollution to keep hair soft and shiny.

Key Benefits:

  • Intense hydration to dry hair
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Suitable for hair and beards              
  • Repairs damage and prevents split ends

As well as being 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free, each bottle of ByErim boasts an exquisite blend of Amla Oil, which due to it’s high vitamin C content, can prevent loss of hair pigment, thereby stopping and delaying grey hair. Along with Argan Oil which is rich in nutrients helping to hydrate dry and dull hair, By Erim contains Coconut Oil, known for its antibacterial and antifungal action as well as high protein content. This assists in keeping the scalp clean and healthy, while sweet Almond Oil which adds a protective layer of shine to the hair, making it less prone to split ends.

Tabitha James Kraan 4 in 1 Conditioner £25, available in Golden Citrus and Amber Rose scents

What it does – This multi-functional, high performance hair moisturiser is used to detangle, protect, and hydrate the hair. A restorative and strengthening formula that infuses the hair with vitamins, minerals, and proteins. This product is light on purpose as it is designed to be layered; use it to detangle in the shower, as a leave-in for the hair or scalp, apply 4-5 pumps as heat protection and a high-performance styling aid, or daily as a hair moisturiser. If you have curly hair, use it to co-wash your hair.

Tabitha James Kraan Scented Organic Hair Oil £38

What it does – a supernatural, highly nutritious organic hair oil that will restore life and lustre to hair, suitable for all hair types, penetrating the hair cuticles, rather than coating. Best used once a week to increase hair colour vibrancy, smooth, strengthen, and moisturise. It can be used as a pre-wash treatment on the scalp and hair to moisturise and balance oil production or warm a few drops and apply to dry ends as and when.  The oil will give weight and volume to fine hair and a smooth, silky finish to thick hair, leaving the hair feeling stronger, protected, and easier to blow-dry or style. 

Regrowz Hair Nourishing Shampoo

Regrowz Hair Nourishing Shampoo can give your hair the lease of life it deserves. Using completely natural products, with no sulfates and enriched with DHT blockers, Regrowz’s Nourishing Shampoo restores the appearance of healthy hair, using shea butter to moisturise the scalp and amla oil to hydrate and protect the hair shaft. Price: £7.49

COCOSOLIS and their Hair Oil Mask, perfect to help nourish and moisturise your hair!    

Cocosolis Oil Mask 3in1 – £24 

HAIR Oil Mask 3in1 is an organic oil with the tropical aroma of coconut milk, containing a special mix of carefully selected, unrefined, cold-pressed, organic oils of the highest quality for intensive care of your hair.

It repairs and revitalizes damaged hair, giving it silky softness and radiance, stimulating its growth and preventing breaking, split ends and tangles. At the beach, the oil protects your hair from drying out and against damage from the sun, wind and sea. 


RapidHair® is an innovative leave-in foam conditioner that helps bond nutrients to hair and revive its youthful, voluminous appearance in just 60 days. It delivers a scientific breakthrough in deep conditioning hair care. In as few as 60 days, hair will appear fuller and thicker-looking with newfound strength and body. RapidHair® helps revive the appearance of hair’s vivacious volume and brilliant, youthful beauty.

RapidHair® is formulated with Hexatein® 4 Complex, a unique technology of hair enhancing Polypeptides, nourishing Biotin and Panthenol, softening Silk Amino Acids and Sweet Almond Extract, and revitalising Niacinamide, that helps provide incredible strengthening and invigorating benefits to hair and scalp. This blend, unique to RapidHair®, helps awaken the youthful softness and sheen of hair, enhance its resilience, and promote the appearance of volume and brilliance.

JOICO Hydra Splash

When fine-to-medium hair gets thirsty, quench those delicate strands with Hydra Splash – Joico’s hair care collection designed to provide 24-hour hydration to thoroughly replenish moisture, shine, and softness without weighing hair down. Fine, dry, brittle hair is replenished and transformed with a lightweight feel.

JOICO Hydra Splash Shampoo – Feel Unique – £16.20

Even fine-to-medium hair gets thirsty…and deserves a tall drink of water that doesn’t make it fall flat. The luxurious lather of Hydra Splash Hydrating Shampoo swiftly cleanses away residue without stripping much-needed natural moisture, leaving hair brilliantly clean, soft, and looking healthy.

JOICO Hydra Splash Conditioner – Feel Unique – £17.20

Forget about those dense, overly-creamy moisturising formulas that leave dry, fine hair flat and lifeless. Hydra Splash Hydrating Conditioner brilliantly detangles and replenishes elasticity with a lightweight formula that won’t weigh down hair.

Revitalising Hair Oil (night), £30 

All natural, organic hair oil to reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth and hydrate the scalp (preventing dandruff). Apply directly to the scalp and massage in. Leave in for at least two hours, or ideally overnight, before washing out. Use twice a week for thicker, longer and stronger hair. 

Nourishing Hair serum (Day), £35 

All natural, organic hair serum to reduce frizz, hydrate and strengthen hair, and add shine. Apply one to three drops to damp or dry hair. Gently work in the serum to lightly coat the mid-lengths and ends. Use before styling or as a finishing oil for healthy, glossy locks
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