Hair Goals; The best pre-wash & leave-in oils

Monday 10th Jun 2024 |

The best pre-wash & leave-in oils from Hair Syrup to achieve your ultimate hair goals this Summer

As the calendar flips to a new season, hair enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the latest trends to elevate their mane game.

Hair Syrup believes in transforming everyday routines into extraordinary hair care experiences. So, start the season with a splash and redefine your mane game with Hair Syrup this Summer.

Hair Syrup’s top picks for achieving your hair goals this Summer

Watermelon Milk for Curly Locks

pre-wash & leave-in oils

For those favouring the effortless charm of a wavy mane, we have Watermelon Milk. Bursting with vitamins and nutrients, this lightweight syrup blend offers intense nourishment, deep conditioning, and prompted growth for thirsty, dry locks. Crafted from a harmonious fusion of Watermelon Seed, Vitamin E, Cherry, and Argan oils, Watermelon Milk rejuvenates hair, leaving it radiant, hydrated, and enriched.

Grows-Mary for Straight Hair

pre-wash & leave-in oils

Straight-haired girlies seeking to enhance growth and combat dryness need look no further than Grows-Mary. This exclusive rosemary-infused hair oil treatment is meticulously crafted to address thinning, slow growth, and dryness. With its nourishing blend of rosemary and thyme, Grows-Mary stimulates blood flow, strengthens hair follicles, and promotes healthy growth, making it an indispensable addition to any hair care regimen.

Honey Dew for the Slicked Back Up-Do

Slicked-back up-dos find their perfect companion in Honey Dew. This multi-functioning leave-in hair oil serves as a primer, finisher, and protector, locking in moisture and restoring strands with its natural humectant and emollient properties. Infused with real honey, coconut extract, soybean, and Vitamin E, Honey Dew promises blinding shine, cloud-like softness, and a delectable scent reminiscent of caramel, honey, and jasmine.

Rapunzel for the Half-up Half-down

pre-wash & leave-in oils

For those opting for a half-up, half-down look, Hair Syrup offers Rapunzel. Formulated to breathe life into stubborn, dull hair, this boosting syrup is enriched with Pink Grapefruit oil, Sweet Almond, and Flaxseed extracts. Stimulating growth, promoting scalp health, and delivering dreamy lengths, Rapunzel transforms fragile strands into healthy, plumped locks worthy of fairy-tale admiration.

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