Types of Guitar Bridge

Guitar Bridge 101: Types of Guitar Bridge Parts & Their Use 

Monday 06th Nov 2023 |

Most guitar players will feel the urge to upgrade their guitar’s hardware at some point. The reasons behind this differ for every musician, although they are frequently related to tone, feel, or quality.

The first step is to figure out which bridge you already have on your guitar and what you want to accomplish with the upgrade. The first step in figuring out what you have is to consider which brand you want to replace it with. Gibson, Epiphone, and other imported guitars (Tokai, Ibanez, Burny, and so on) have somewhat different bridge measurements, requiring slightly different parts. All of these can be found at Guitar Parts as suitable replacements. Read the following guide to each component and discover what matches your instrument before settling on a bridge.

Bridge and Saddles

The saddles are the bridge’s other significant components. Three categories of bridge measures differ:

• All authentic Gibson guitars with 6-32 posts from the Gibson Historic/Custom Shop.

• Nashville Bridges on Gibson Guitars (Non-custom shop guitars and heritage guitars with Schaller bridges).

• Epiphone, Tokai, Ibanez, and other import guitars with 4mm bridge posts that are not made in the United States.

Because each bridge type has different spacing, dimensions, and post mounting, many of these parts are not totally interchangeable. Each guitar type is covered by the ABR-59 series. Our ABR series, which includes flat top saddles for 100 % mechanical contact, replaceable saddles, and a variety of finish options, is possibly the most vintage correct replacement bridge available.

• ABRH Bridge – If you have a Gibson guitar from the Historic Collection, Custom Shop, or an original, antique model, the ABRH is the bridge for you.

• ABRN Bridge – If your USA Gibson has a Nashville-style bridge (which is found on most non-Custom Shop and current Gibsons), the ABRN is the ideal substitute. The ABRN can also be used on imported models with our conversion bushings.

• ABRM Bridge -The ABRM bridge is a direct replacement for all foreign guitars’ 4mm post types. The ABRM will improve the tone of any die-cast, zinc-bridged imported guitar.

Alternatively, you can choose from our Tone-Lock range of bridge replacements. The Tone-Lock collection contains our patented “No Gap” technology as well as the same sizing options as our ABR collection. The Tone-Lock secures the bridge to the body, enhancing stability and allowing more vibrations to reach the guitar’s body for longer sustain.

We offer a Tone-Lock model for any guitar, just like we do with our ABR line:

• Gibson Custom Shop, Vintage, Historic

• Import Models

 • Gibson Guitars with Nashville Bridges (Epiphone, Tokai, Burny etc.)

Guitar Bridges

It offers a variety of conversion bridge posts to complement each bridge type, ensuring the best fit for all new bridges. Parts in the United States are measured in inches, while import guitars are measured in millimetres. This is crucial to remember in order to get the right parts for your instrument.

• USA Gibson Guitars – Our Vintage Steel (Inch) tailpiece studs complement your bridge upgrade perfectly. They’ll work with any USA Gibson that uses 5/16-24 bushings, as well as our TPI tailpiece bushings. It is made 

• Import Guitars – Our Vintage Steel (Metric) tailpiece studs are an excellent improvement for your existing studs on your imported guitar. It is made of German steel with an 8M X 1.25 thread design to accommodate most non-USA guitars. They work well with our TPM tailpiece bushings, which are excellent direct replacements for the non-steel bushings found on most imported guitars.

• Wraparound Guitars — When full string tension is applied to a wraparound bridge, the wraparound section tends to lean forward. This is due to an imperfect fit between the bridge and the mounting post. The bridge lock is eliminated and stability is improved using Wrap-Lock locking bridge studs.

Studs for Conversion Bridges

You can use one of our conversion bridge studs to convert your import model to match a USA-style bridge (such as our ABRM or Tone-Lock bridge). These studs are simple to install and, in the case of the ESWKIT, require no changes to your current setup. The E-Sert installation instructions are in video format on the FaberUSA.com website’s “Help” section.

• Faber ESWKIT – This guitar bridge stud set will fit into your existing import guitar bushings, allowing you to utilise one of our USA-style bridges without having to modify your body. It’s a straightforward “remove and replace” solution.”

• Faber E-Sert – The E-Sert range removes the tone-robbing non-steel bushings that come standard on most import guitars. You can also use our ABR and Tone-Lock model bridges with these bridge mounting posts. One pair of steel studs and a thumbwheel for action adjustment are included with the E-Sert studs. The posts that are attached to the bushings will transfer the most vibrations into the instrument and boost the guitar’s sustain.


Depending on your original arrangement, guitar tailpiece parts come in a variety of configurations. Most guitars come with chrome or gold-plated tailpieces, which are often die-cast from zinc or other comparable metals. Zinc is a metal that does not react well with guitar strings, robbing your instrument of some of its hard-earned tones. Aluminium is used to make our parts for Gibson guitars (or Epiphone guitars). They’re light (about 1/3 the weight of a zinc cast tailpiece) and distribute vibration differently, resulting in a woodier, older tone. Gibson and Epiphone guitar tailpieces are exact replacements for our bespoke tailpieces.

Our TP-59 stop tailpiece will be the ideal upgrade for players looking for replacement parts for Gibson guitars. The TP-59 is made of aluminium and will reestablish the tone that zinc/nickel die-cast tailpieces take away from a guitar.

Suppose your guitar has a one-piece wraparound bridge. In that case, Faber guitar parts also provide a tailpiece with compensated edges to aid with intonation, as well as our Wraptonate tailpiece, which is a fully inntonatable wraparound bridge. There is no perfect replacement for wraparound bridge users, but each one will serve a purpose:

• In the manner of the 1950s, non-compensated. Appropriate for older guitars.

• TPWC Compensated, vintage feel with flawless intonation 

• Tone-Bar Compensated, enhanced intonation and more precise tone

• Wraptonate saddles on any wrap tail guitar are individually adjustable for optimal intonation.