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Getting The Most Out Of Britain’s Luxury Spirit Splurge 

Friday 29th Jul 2022 |

Britain has developed a taste for the finer things in the drinks cabinet.  As the Evening Standard notes, British people sampled a record number of home-grown drinks in 2021 – many of them falling into the luxury market, when considered on price point.

Even more interest was plunged into the luxury cocktail scene with the advent of the jubilee, which saw patriotic mixes flying off the shelves to celebrate the big event. With that in mind, it’s high time to consider the next round of luxury bottles to put onto the shelves of the cabinet – starting with small batch fruity liqueurs. 

Bring on the flavour 

One hotbed of luxury spirit distilling has settled in the north east. It’s important to remember that luxury is not necessarily synonymous with London and its pomp – to the contrary, some of the most expensive and most delicious spirits are synonymous with the grand whisky network of Scotland. As the Chronicle Live notes, a set of twelve distilleries across Newcastle, Northumberland, Durham and Yorkshire have also created a fantastic set of small-batch liqueurs that bring together unique flavours. Think cherry, or elderberry and elderflower, or even espresso vodka. This provides a little more the palate to consider, while also delivering incredibly high quality drinks befitting of their price points. 

Clearing the market 

Gin has seen a meteoric rise. Originally the drink of the poor, due to its ease of production, it saw a huge rise over the past half decade to become both a trendy and affordable spirit for most. This saw a massive dilution of quality, sadly, with run-of-the-mill botanical-infused gins widespread and featuring on every supermarket shelf. The gin boom is now over, according to the Morning Advertiser, but this has brought some clarity to the market according to Harper’s Bazaar. Among their picks are Nolet’s Silver Dry, Aviation and Seventy One Eau de Nuit. Curious in all of these brands is their lack of reliance on botanicals; Nolet’s focuses on peach and raspberry; Aviation dense evergreens; and Seventy One deep oak casks. 

Turning to Cognac 

There remains one king in the luxury spirit world, and that’s Cognac. According to Chilled Magazine, it’s Remy Martin that continues to dominate the market, with their top range bottle – a 40 to 115 year vintage – setting buyers back an astonishing $165,000. There are of course less shockingly expensive bottles, but there’s a good reason for that. Cognac is of course made only in the commune of Cognac, France, and within that, Remy Martin’s top level spirits are only made within the Grande Champagne area. That is exceptional quality control and, according to The Whisky Exchange, it shows in the flavour; a sublime blend of subtle flavours, from passion fruit to aromatic nutmeg and ginger. 

As a country, the UK is getting closely acquainted with all of these players. Whether home-made or on close shores, luxury spirits are the name of the game. 

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