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Getting older: how much do women worry?

Wednesday 20th Mar 2024 |

Even though Britain is on track to combat ageism in every aspect of life, numerous stigmas surrounding the ageing process persist.

In time for As Young As You Feel Day observed on the 22nd of March, face yoga app Luvly surveyed 2,000 women over 30 with 41% stating that ageing affects their mental health — with 15% struggling with anxiety and 13% having depressive episodes.

In fact, 56% of women admit they’re afraid to grow old, and 1 in 8 fear they’ll be neglected by society. 

Another finding suggests that 66% of women think dating is more difficult due to aging with 1 in 10 calling it impossible. Furthermore, 1 in 10 women shared that they had been turned down by a date after revealing their age. 

Some 1 in 4 women have rejected a social invitation because they thought they were too old to attend. 

And age misconceptions don’t end there — 1 in 6 have experienced age discrimination at work, facing issues like promotion denials or not being hired in the first place, even though it’s illegal.

Marina Klimenka, the visionary co-founder and CEO of the Luvly, commented: “Women are expected to be many things these days: career-driven, great homemakers, smart but not too opinionated, financially self-sufficient. But there’s one thing they’re not expected to do, and that’s get old. Is an older guy starring in an action movie? Good for him and his timeless physique. But a female actress celebrated for rocking her natural beauty in her 50s or 60s? That’s a much rarer occurrence. And that’s before we get to the other sexist expectations that are constantly thrown at female celebrities who have the audacity to get older. Maybe it’s time we dropped the double standards and gave women credit for embracing the aging process and showing us just how well it can be done.”

Although age is thought to only be a number, 77% of women get offended when someone assumes they’re older than their actual age. In addition, 1 in 7 women got upset when people stopped asking for their ID. Yet, baffling 1 in 5 respondents admitted they’ve been dismissive of an older person on at least one occasion.

You can find the full study here.

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