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Thursday 02nd May 2024 |
  • Expert explains why The Beverly Hills Hotel style trending interior is the epitome of luxury and timeless glamour
  • Arighi Bianchi launches new ‘Postcards From LA’ Accessories Collection capturing the spirit of Santa Monica and the eclectic charm of the City of Angels
  • LA Lux Styling tips and why it’s a 2024 interior design trend

Luxury homeware retailer Arighi Bianchi is forecasting that LA-inspired design trends will dominate UK interiors this summer, emerging as one of the foremost influences on accessory and furniture updates.

“California, and more specifically Los Angeles, is igniting a fresh look in UK interior design this year,” says Lucy Mather, interior design expert at Arighi Bianchi.

“We’ve seen LA influences coming through in many of the big design movements – from quiet luxury to dopamine decorating – and it’s not stopping there as leading influencers bring a taste of Beverly Hills into our homes this summer.

“LA is the epicentre of the global entertainment industry, particularly known for Hollywood and the Oscars, and is incredibly diverse – with a rich tapestry of cultures, cuisines and communities that make up this unique style-leading scene. Add to this the vibrancy of LA’s arts and cultural institutions, its celebrity clientele, and the glamour of its Rodeo Drive fashion boutiques – it’s easy to see why LA style is having a décor trend moment in the UK.


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This summer be inspired by the retro glam décor of the Beverly Hills Hotel to add some LA Lux updates into your home.

“Think sorbet pinks and greens, stripes and oversized palms as well as vintage inspired curves”, says Lucy.  “This look is a perfect way to transition your interiors with the changing season – bringing in the LA sunshine even if the UK skies are grey.

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“There are so many ways you can give your home a pop of Beverly Hills Hotel glam – and accessories such as captivating coffee table books, Californian candles and cool cushions are the perfect starting point. Each item in our collection is designed to evoke the timeless allure of the City of Angels.

“So whether you’re seeking to infuse your space with LA’s eclectic charm or looking for the perfect gift that captures the spirit of Santa Monica, our LA-inspired collection offers a curated selection of luxury and sophistication.”

Home styling accessories for the LA Look

LA Coffee Table Books: Gray Malin: Travel Goals (Guided Journal),  Cereal City Guide: Los Angeles both £18; Poolside with Slim Aarons, £65 

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Aura Cocktail Candles (available in Misted Lime & Tobacco & Patchouli) – £20

It’s Cool: 100 Postcards – £17, Cocktail Recipe Notebook set, £25 and Travel Notebook set, £25, Gray Malin The Dogs At The Beverly Hills Hotel Puzzle – £22

Assouline Miami Beach Book – £85

Create a vibe replicating The Beverly Hills Hotel

Dock & Bay Pink Striped Towel (also in green) – £25

Colours of Arley Cocktail Cushion – £125, Colours of Arley Pink and Green Bolster Cushion  – £75

Pop in a Palm to bring Hollywood to your home

Coconut Palm Tree – £395 from Arighi Bianchi

Green Palm Tree Make Up Bag (available in Green & Pink) – £28, Palm Tree Key Ring – £15

Made in California – authentic home fragrances to lift your sense of style

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PF Candle & Co No.21 Golden Coast Soy Candle – £23.40, PF Candle & Co Reed Diffuser, £27 (available in other fragrances and diffusers)

View the full collection here

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