Get inspired for Pancake Day with Ta-Da!

Wednesday 07th Feb 2024 |

The day that is hotly anticipated by many food lovers is soon upon us; Pancake Day, celebrated as Shrove Tuesday in many parts of the world, brings a delightful variety of traditional recipes to the forefront.

Creating the perfect pancakes on Pancake Day is an art that combines simplicity with a touch of personal flair. The key lies in using a well-balanced batter; not too runny and not too thick, ensuring it spreads evenly on the griddle or pan for that ideal golden-brown hue. A non-stick skillet lightly greased with butter yields a delightful aroma and flavour, enhancing the pancake’s texture.

Importantly, patience plays a crucial role – waiting for bubbles to form before flipping ensures your pancakes are cooked evenly without being overdone.

Now lets hop, skip and jump to good part…….

Pancake Day

Ta-Da! the home baking expert has a new range of easy-to-use icings that are perfect for drizzling over pancakes. Featuring three delicious flavours including Ta-Da! Madagascan Vanilla Icing, Chocolate Ganache Style Icing (pictured above) and Millionaire’s Caramel (pictured above), the icings are available to buy in 370g recyclable pots at Tesco Extra stores nationwide (see full release attached) and online, as well as at

Ta-Da! also has a gorgeous range of fruit fillings including Strawberry, Dark Cherry and Wild Blueberry (which are packed with whole fruit pieces), whilst the Lemon Creamy filling has a real zesty burst and a deliciously smooth texture, which can be used to fill and elevate any pancake, making it burst with flavour.  

Ta-Da! understands the importance of home baking, family time and bonding over tasty treats, which is why they’ve made their icings and fillings super convenient and ready-to-use.

Embrace these tips to make your Pancake Day celebration truly memorable with flawlessly delicious pancakes for the family to indulge in.

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