Be Blown Away with Urtekram’s NEW Wild Lemongrass Range

Wednesday 27th Jan 2021 |

Introducing energizing organic Nordic beauty care without compromise

Providing an energising start to the New Year, Urtekram, organic and ecologically certified Nordic beauty brand, has released its Blown Away collection.

With the uplifting scent of natural wild lemongrass and citrus, the collection aims to bring a fresh Nordic experience to both body and mind. The range comprises of Hand Cream, Hand Wash, Body Lotion, Body Wash and intense moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. 

Infused with caring and replenishing ingredients, the range includes nourishing aloe vera, hydrating shea butter and provides a moisture surge with hyaluronic acid. The collection also contains organic essential oils including lemongrass, sweet orange, olive, jojoba, apricot and almond for their uplifting and mood-boosting properties.

The perfect range for a natural and mindful consumer, the Urkekram product range is proudly vegan, cruelty free, 99-100% natural and certified organic by Ecocert according to the guidelines of the COSMOS Organic Standard. The collection is packaged in predominately sustainable materials made from plant-based sugar cane to help reduce to the amount of CO2 used. 

The Blown Away Collection

Urtekram – Wild Lemongrass Intense Moisture Shampoo– RRP £5.99

Suited towards dry and very dry hair types, the Wild Lemongrass shampoo helps to regain moisture and liveliness without feeling too heavy on the scalp. Using mild surfactants to gently cleanse the hair for a radiant finish, the nourishing complex is also enriched with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid to provide intensive moisture.

Urtekram – Wild Lemongrass Intense Moisture Conditioner – RRP £5.99

Suited towards dry hair, the Wild Lemongrass conditioner provides a supple and shiny finish. With hydrating aloe vera and revitalising lemongrass extract, this supports the scalp’s natural flora and provides an instant revival. The fresh uplifting lemongrass scent delights the senses and offers a hair boost.

Urtekram – Wild Lemongrass Hand Cream – RRP £4.99

Helping to soothe dry and sore hands, the Blown Away hand cream consists of a rich and nourishing formula which is easily absorbed by the skin. Naturally scented with wild lemongrass and citrus, the hand cream leaves a delicate yet fresh scent behind on the skin without feeling overpowering.

Urtekram – Wild Lemongrass Hand Wash – RRP £6.99

With hand hygiene continuing to be of upmost importance, the Blown Away hand wash is a refreshing formula which leaves the uplifting scent behind and rids hands of unwanted bacteria. Infused with the replenishing aloe vera and other caring ingredients, hands will be left feeling moisturised and pampered whilst the invigorating scent of wild lemongrass delights the senses.

Urtekram – Wild Lemongrass Body Lotion – RRP £6.99

Providing moisture and TLC to all skin types, the hydrating and nourishing lotion provides skin with a long-lasting silky soft feeling with an energizing and fresh scent. The mix of comforting shea butter with soothing aloe vera, along with essential nutrients, will ensure that skin stays pampered throughout the day.

Urtekram – Wild Lemongrass Body Wash – RRP £6.49

Helping to provide an energizing boost on tired mornings, the Blown Away Body Wash is a cleansing, softening body wash with an uplifting yet natural fragrance of wild lemongrass and citrus. With mild cleansing surfactants to lift away dirt particles and impurities, the body wash is suitable for daily use to provide a refreshing cleanse of the body.

With a 100% natural original, the certified organic body wash is delicate on the skin with an infusion of Vitamin E to provide comfort.

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