Geisswein; Luxury meets performance

Sunday 02nd Aug 2020 |

Giesswein are innovators. 100% recycled ocean plastic ballet flats anyone?

You may be familiar with their ultra-stylish sustainable footwear (head over to their Instagram page if you need to familiarise yourself, visually it’s a footwear fanatics dream) but these guys are not one trick ponies.

They have taken their decades of experience in the selection, production and utilisation of wool to create unique, functional fabrics for clothing and home interior products too. 

So what’s so special about wool?

There’s a bit of a list… bear with me. It’s natural, biodegradable, renewable, durable, non-allergenic, thermoregulating, quick drying, odour resistant, breathable, anti-wrinkle, ultra-soft and static resistant. It’s almost like somebody made a list of the most desirable qualities of a fabric isn’t it?


Merino wool

The Rolls Royce of the wool world. It’s premium, high performance and luxurious. Grown exclusively by sheep found in Austria and New Zealand, Merino is the best wool baaaaa none (I am so sorry for that). It’s safe to say then, that I was pretty pleased when a parcel from Giesswein landed on my doorstep containing one of their Merino wool jackets to try out.

First impression?

It looks like a quality garment. I don’t mean that in a throwaway sense at all, it looks extremely well put-together, and it’s obvious that the lovely people at Giesswein have an eye for design as well as an ability to craft unique fabrics.

The black and grey colour scheme works perfectly for me, and the extra details such as the chunky zips, embroidered logo on the sleeve and merino wool logo on the wrist area further solidify the fact that this is not a typical jacket found in one of the large high street stores. It has some weight to it too. Not so much that you feel smothered, or like you’re heading out to Everest base camp, but enough to let you know that it’s robust and made to last.


I’ve worn this jacket almost daily since receiving it but not out of necessity, I have some other jackets but they have been ruined for me now. If you had a Porsche on your drive you wouldn’t be so keen to go for a spin in your battered old Saab would you? That’s kind of how I feel about this jacket now. It’s my new Porsche and I don’t care if I’ve overdone the car analogies, I’m driving it EVERYWHERE. 

It lives up to the hype of the thermoregulation claims too. It’s kept me cool on warmer days and warm on colder days. It’s versatile and stylish, smart enough to wear for a few drinks with mates in town but casual enough for an easy weekend ramble with the family. It has a hood, perfect for blocking out the chill when the weather turns or simply to hide from the constant flow of people asking where you got your incredible new jacket from. 

Head over to giesswein if this sounds like something you’re after. There are a few styles on offer and expect to pay around £179. Very reasonable considering the quality, craftsmanship, and superior benefits over cotton or synthetic materials if you ask me. I’ll be over here wearing my Giesswein jacket. There are many like it, but this one is mine.  

Words by Tom Bradley

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